Top 10: Destinations for Solo Female Travellers


Research conducted by the world’s leading hostel-focused online booking platform Hostelworld has established the most popular destinations around the world for solo female travellers.

There has been a 42% spike in travellers looking to explore destinations alone between 2015-2017. The number of female travellers going at it solo has increased by 45% over the same period, with their male counterparts seeing a slightly lower increase of 40%.

A statement from the booking platform read:  “Solo travel was once seen as brave and risky for female travellers but a shift of attitude has meant that it is now an adventurous, exciting experience that allows them to feel free, with no-one else to worry about or please.

The study found that the top destination for American women travelling abroad alone is the Caribbean island of Cuba. Second on the list is Macedonia, which is in the Balkan peninsula. Guatemala, south of Mexico, came in in third position. The United Arab Emirates came in at fourth position.

The only two African countries to make it onto the list are South Africa and Tanzania.

Top destinations for males travelling solo are Cuba, the United Arab Emirates and Luxembourg.

Culturally rich destinations such as Cuba, Macedonia and the Emirates are proving to be more popular than ever among solo travellers, with the rise in total solo bookings to Cuba alone from 2016 to 2017 increasing by 406%,” the statement added.

Hostelworld has attributed the rise in solo bookings to factors such as improved connectivity, travel apps and the increase in flight availability to long-haul destinations.

These are the Top 10 Travel Destinations for Solo Female Travellers to explore

  1. Cuba
  2. Macedonia
  3. Guatemala
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Egypt
  7. Nepal
  8. Mexico
  9. Albania
  10. Finland

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