How Air Travel Contributes to the World Economy


Air transport is vital to the modern world, connecting people and businesses like no other mode of transport can.

Below are some key facts and figures that illustrate how air transport supports jobs, tourism, trade and economy.

Stats on how Air Travel contributes to the World Economy

3,5 billion passengers carried by the world’s airlines each year

104 000 flights take off every day carrying …

9,8 million passengers

50 million tons of freight carried each year, worth …

$6,4trillion around 35% of global trade

0,5 the C02 emissions have been reduced by half since 1990

80% the average occupancy of an aircraft is 80% higher than other modes of transport

60% in real terms, the cost of air travel is around 60% lower than in the 1970s

$664,4billion contributed to the world’s GDP by the aviation industry, which is…

3,5% of the world’s GDP. The automotive industry contributes 1.2%



Recent estimates suggest demand for air transport will increase by an average of 4,3% per annum over the next 20 years. By 2034, it is estimated that…

14,1 million people will work directly in the industry

$1,5 trillion will be contributed to the world’s GDP





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