In-Flight Fitness Tips


What Happens to your Body when you Fly?

The central blood vessels in your legs can be compressed, making it more difficult for the blood to get back to the heart.

The long inactivity of your body muscles in this position can result in muscle tension, backaches or a feeling of excessive fatigue – during or even after your flight.

The cramped position inhibits the normal body mechanism from returning fluid to the heart, while gravity can cause fluid to collect in your feet. This results in swollen feet after a long flight.

Boeing recommends that passengers do light exercises that may assist in increasing blood circulation, and massage the muscles.

When stopping between destinations, walk around frequently – and remember to stretch!

A few exercises on a long-haul flight will ensure you disembark with a spring in your step…

In-Flight Fitness Tips

The following tips are at all times subject to any intervening in-flight safety instructions being issued. They’re designed to improve blood circulation, alleviate sluggishness and relieve cramped muscles.

  1. Exercise your legs and flex your feet at regular intervals while seated to improve blood circulation.
  2. Deep-breathing exercises are recommended.
  3. Short walks, preferably once every two hours, are excellent for blood circulation.
  4. Increase your normal intake of water and/ or soft drinks before and throughout the flight; drink alcoholic beverages in moderation.

Any passenger who is aware of and/or affected by a medical condition of any nature whatsoever is responsible for seeking medical advice from their own medical practitioner before embarking on an intended flight, in order to determine whether the medical condition could be worsened by air travel.



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