Make the Most of Stopovers


The prospect of a long-haul flight may be daunting for many, as your journey could take hours upon hours. Added to that, are the layovers along your journey that leave you feeling somewhat in limbo at a foreign airport, that’s not quite part of your picture-perfect holiday.

But with layovers that extend longer than 4 hours – which are known as stopovers and are considerably cheaper than direct flight tickets – you can actually make the most of your time in the “no man’s land” you’re flight will be connecting in by exploring the region.

Plan your stopover itineraries and ensure you have the visa requirements to gain access to the destination beyond the airport.

Below are three popular stopover destinations, and the things you could do when there.




Many airlines have stopovers in Dubai while on route to destinations such in Asia, Australia or Europe. The region is quite unique to any other in the world, and can aptly be described as a desert bursting at the seams with so much to explore.


Take a 25-min cab ride to see the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper – in all it’s splendour! There are activities and things to see in the tower, from restaurants, to the iconic panoramic view of Dubai you can only experience from its’s 124th and 125th floors.


A stopover in Dubai is also the perfect retail therapy break from your flight where you’ll find boutique stores and labels from around the world at the Dubai Mall which lies not so far from the Burj Khalifa.

East and sleep

If it’s a overnight stopover, experience a night at the Meridien Village Terrace at the Le Méridien Dubai which boasts restaurants to dine at like royalty.


The beauty of Thailand needs little introduction, so why not see it for yourself during your stopover.


If the time you have on your stopover permits, try the SpiceRoads Cycle Tours Day Tour when you can see the region, including the Floating Market, temples and even the coconut farms.


If you land in Suvarnabhumi Airport, there is a floating market within reach. This is known as the Nakhon Nueang Ket Riverside Market, which can serve as your gateway to Bangkok’s scenery and a chance to mingle with the locals.


Thailand’s street food will open up your tastebuds to flavours, textures and oddities you may have never seen or heard of before, alongside the favourites you’ve come to love. Food stalls are plenty around the markets.


Many airlines will have their stopover in Singapore on route to destinations such as London, and the destination is known for it’s a culture, beautiful architecture and cuisine.


On your stopover there, do something a little different from what your destination itinerary may offer, like seeing some wildlife at the Singapore Zoo.


If its food you have an appetite for, then take your pick of one of the 120 local food stalls at the Maxwell Road Food Center.


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