Why More Women are Travelling Solo


With the benefits of solo travel being so appealing, from the freedom of no time constraints that come with rigorous group travel itineraries, to the opportunity to meet new people, it is little surprise that travelling alone is on the rise.

The trend seems to be driven largely by women. More women are packing their bags and setting out on solo holidays, as seen in recent studies conducted by the likes of UK-based singles travel operator Solitaire Holidays, the findings of which show that women accounted for 72,4% of travellers likely to travel alone.

According to IOL, “female readers were also asked why they travel on their own and 46% said freedom, independence and the chance to do what they want when they want; 22% said they weren’t willing to wait around for others; and 15% said to challenge themselves and gain confidence.

We spoke to three women who’ve explored new destinations alone:

Swazi Nkosi, travelled to Cape Town

I like to do things independently, and I think travelling alone is one of the scariest, but most liberating experiences. I’ve always grown up doing things with my siblings, and so there are some things I prefer to do alone. I would highly recommend travelling alone. The only downside I experienced was that I didn’t have anybody taking pictures of me.


Christen Potgieter, travelled to London and Paris

For my 40th birthday, I wanted to do something that would take me out of my comfort zone. It was scary knowing that I wouldn’t know anyone there, and it was my first trip abroad alone. What was most important to me about the trip was being able to make all the decisions alone, and it was up to me to follow through – it was empowering and comforting to be accountable to myself and make it happen.


Futhi Dali, travelled to Boston, USA

It makes planning the trip much easier. Travelling solo made me feel more confident and I stayed within budget and made new friends.


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