5 Easy Workouts for Frequent Travellers


It’s true that the modern lifestyle is a nomadic one for many of us. Whether you travel abroad for leisure regularly or face a long commute to and from home every day, chances are that you too spend a fair amount of time on the road.

All that time in a car or on a plane, though, can really take its toll on our bodies, especially if we go from being sedentary in a moving vehicle to crashing on the couch at home or in a hotel. The good news? Travel doesn’t have to spell an inactive lifestyle. With a few quick and easy workout ideas up your sleeve, you can easily maintain peak fitness.

Try one of these easy workouts on your next trip

Easy Workouts for Travellers

  1. Gym at home

Once you arrive home from a trip or a long day at work, it can be all too easy to avoid going out again for a gym session or exercise class. Get yourself a home gym, though, and you can throw all of those excuses to the wind.

Reserving a little space in your house or garage for an at-home gym – perhaps stocked with machines like treadmills and standing bikes, or perhaps with lighter (and cheaper!) equipment like weights and yoga mats – will make the world of difference to your between-travel activity levels. Not only will a home gym allow you to skip doing more travelling just to exercise, but you’ll save money you would have spent on memberships in the long-term.

  1. The app workout

Stuck inside your accommodation while travelling? Well, the world of smartphone applications can be a wonderful thing – particularly for the purposes of working out. Nowadays, there is a myriad of top-quality (and free) fitness apps that offer session-plans that you can do in the convenience of your hotel room, with no equipment whatsoever. From intensive seven-minute HIIT workouts to kickboxing routines, there’s a plan to target every area of the body, from the glutes to the triceps.

  1. Scenic running

Apart from the weight-loss, the best thing about running or walking is that you can do it anywhere – so plug a scenic route into Google Maps, and combine any sight-seeing desires with your workout.

  1. In-situ exercise

How do you get the blood pumping when you’re actually in the middle of travelling? The answer’s simple: do what you can, given the situation you’re in.

If you’re waiting for your flight, for instance, take the opportunity to stroll around the airport (just make sure you’re back for your flight in time!). After a flight or long trip in the car, do some stretching on the spot – even a set of calf raises will do the job. And if you’re totally stationary in-flight or driving, try “targeted tensing”: focus on a specific area of your body and tense your muscles for 20 seconds, before relaxing for 10 and repeating until you’re sore.

  1. Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga is a hugely underrated fat-fighter: Along with Bikram, it’s the most calorie-burning form of yoga out there – and if you do your flow first-thing in the morning, your cardiovascular system will get exactly the boost it needs to shake off any jet lag.

The good thing about yoga, moreover, is that once you’ve been to a professionally-taken class or two and gotten a feel for the proper form, you’ll be able to take yourself through the choreography wherever, whenever. After all, there’s never a bad time to downward-dog (especially to stretch out after a long stretch sat in the car or plane!).


Harper Reid is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand, who has a passion for travel and healthy living. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her practising yoga, checking out the latest fitness trends or planning her next trip. You can find more of her work on Tumblr.



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