Claim the life you deserve


Do you really want to realise your dreams? Then wake up!

Here some rules for waking up a new person and achieving your daily goals…

How to Achieve Goals

  1. What do you really want?

A cheap watch tells the same time as a Hublot timepiece, yet people spend thousands on a Hublot because of how it makes them feel. You don’t want more money because you can buy more things with it – you want more money because of how it makes you feel. Maybe your wish to create a better life for your children is driven by the hardships you experienced in your own youth. Maybe you want to get fit because you’d like to avoid suffering the same illnesses you’ve seen family members develop. Identify the real motivator behind your goals and that clarity will push you to take action – the missing ingredient in most failed attempts at changing lives.

  1. Set a new minimum standard.

There’s no such thing as overdraft protection in life. You must set your standards and stick to them. For example, some people are OK with staying in a dump during their holiday. They justify it by saying: “I’m only sleeping there,” but then they complain about the bad service and lack of amenities. I never understood that mentality. I’m willing to invest in the best I can afford so that I can focus on my holiday. That’s my minimum standard.

What about working? Most people don’t stand out because they set their standard to align with everyone else. Set a new minimum standard for yourself that will compel you to dig deep within your abilities and really deliver an exceptional performance. Before you know it, your efforts will be noticed and rewarded with promotion.

  1. Stop screwing around and do something.

This is your life and only you can control how it’s going to turn out. Make these rules non-negotiable by telling yourself the right stories – not lies and rationalisations intended to justify why you haven’t yet taken action to achieve your desires.

Stop pushing “snooze” and take control. It’s time to wake up and start living the life you deserve.


by Brian Parsley


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