5 Best Places to go Skiing in Africa


When you think of skiing, faraway destinations come to mind, from the French Alps to Aspen in America. Yet surprisingly, there are many places closer to home in some unexpected regions that are as pristine as the best skiing resorts in the world.

Forget the French Alps. Why not go skiing in Africa!

Here are the African ski slopes you should consider hitting instead!


It may be hard to believe that snow falls in this North African country, or that it does so to the extent that Morocco can offer a winter activity such as skiing – but it does. The Atlas Mountains stretch 2,500km across the Maghreb region – which includes countries such as Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia and Morocco – and is where you can test your mettle on the slopes. Morocco’s snow line is said to be about 1 000 metres, with places such as Oukaïmeden, which is 72km from Marrakech, offering great skiing experiences. The Middle Atlas Mountains are yet another skiing retreat, where you’ll find Ifrane, with its beautiful forests and endless ski slopes.

Where to go:
Michlifen Ifrane Suites & Spa
Ski Resort Oukaïmeden

When to go:
December to March


Algeria also has its selection of skiing havens, one of which is in the Blida province, which is home to one of the country’s smallest parks, Chréa National Park. Here you’ll find a resort in the region’s mountainous area known as the Blidean Atlas. You could also go to ski resort Tikjda in the Djurdjura mountains throughout the winter months.

Where to go:
Chréa National Park, Blida province
Tikjda, Djurdjura National Park

When to go:
December to March


While Lesotho is known for its snowy mountain peaks, Maluti beer and warm blankets, it also offers skiing. Afriski is Africa’s highest ski resort and is nestled in the Maluti Mountains, a stone’s throw away from Caledonspoort border post in the Free State. It has a 1km slope for skiing and offers snowboarding activities for enthusiasts and amateurs alike throughout winter, as well as other mountain activities during the rest of the year.

Where to go:
Afriski Mountain Retreat

When to go:
June to August

South Africa

Established in 1993, Tiffindell is the only other skiing resort in Southern Africa and can found in the southern Drakensburg. It’s situated in the highest alpine region of South Africa and was ranked 19 in CNN’s 2014 list of the World’s Best Ski Runs. And when there’s no snow, the resort has snow-making machines, so you can glide the slopes to your heart’s content.

Where to go:
Tiffindell Ski Resort

When to go:
June to August

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