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In mid-2016, Kate Storm and her husband took off on what was supposed to be a six month RTW trip. Back then she began blogging on Our Escape Clause to track their journey. At the time, they completely underestimated both how long they wanted to travel, and how much they would love blogging!

Now they have been on the road for more than 2.5 years as full-time travelers, and have visited nearly 40 countries across 5 continents in that time!

We chatted to Kate about her First Impressions of South Africa…

When did you first visit South Africa?

August – October 2018

What had you heard about the country before you boarded your flight?

Before arriving in South Africa, we had heard that the wildlife, nature, and affordable prices would all make for an unforgettable trip.

What were you feelings/ emotions about visiting South Africa before leaving home?

Excitement! I had been hoping to make it to sub-Saharan Africa for a long time, and I was thrilled to finally be visiting on this trip to the region (we visited Mozambique during this trip as well).

What motivated your first visit to SA?

A desire to see a new-to-me region of the world, the beautiful views I’d seen over Cape Town, and – of course – the opportunity to go on a safari.

How did you feel coming in to land on South African soil?

Exhausted from the long flight, but exhilarated to be there.

Where did you explore first?

Our first stop after landing in Johannesburg and resting up for a night was Kruger National Park.

What were your first impressions – the smell, sound, sights that struck you?

Amazement – getting to see such majestic animals in the wild is among our top travel experiences of all time.

What was an experience you had on your first day

On our very first day? Sleep – it was a long journey from Paris, and we had a 20-hour layover in Cairo on our way to South Africa!

What was your trip to South Africa like? 

We spent 6 weeks total in the country, visiting Johannesburg (though we didn’t see much of it), Kruger National Park, some of the Garden Route, plus Cape Town and the surrounding areas. We spent a month in Cape Town because we enjoyed it so much!

What was the highlight or your trip?

Our 2 days self-driving through Kruger National Park are the undisputed highlight, but hiking Lions Head in Cape Town and seeing the penguins on Boulders Beach are both up there on the list as well!

What were your first impressions of the people of the south?

We found South Africans to be very friendly, making the country a comfortable place to travel.

What were you feelings about South Africa after your visit?

That we’ll definitely be back!

Have you returned to visit South Africa – or do you plan to in the future?

Not yet, but we certainly plan to!

What did/ would you return for?

In addition to revisiting Kruger & Cape Town, we’d love to see the Drakensberg, road trip the Wild Coast, and explore Johannesburg more in-depth.

Would you recommend South Africa to your friends and followers?

Absolutely – we already have!


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