Crew Talk: Precious Molombo


As a SAA Cabin Crew Member, Precious Molombo, has attended to countless passengers over the last seven years… but that’s not all she serves.

I fly. A lot!

I do all of SAA’s routes  – domestic, African and international. At the moment I do two international flights per month, one regional and around seven domestic.

I got into this career because…

I joined when I was quite young – 19 – and I always wanted to do something in aviation. Actually at first I wanted to be a pilot but that wasn’t financially possible so I enrolled in aviation school and got my cabin crew licence. It took me a while before I got a job though – I spent a year working in retail – but then SAA.

And what I Iove most about this job is…

The flexibility it allows. It’s not a Monday-to-Friday, 8-to-4 thing. It means I have time to study and at the moment I’m doing a B.Com in transport and logistics thanks to an SAA bursary.

It also provides the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people and it allows you to network as well, which is how…

… I met my most memorable passenger

Tshepo Matlou is a corporate executive life coach and motivational speak – he was on one of our flights to Lusaka. I was going through a bad time in my life when I met him on-board and he gave the whole crew advice and tips. Little did I know he was changing my life for the better.He’s subsequently become a friend of mine and someone I work with in…

… My other life as a fundraiser

Tshepo was the guest speaker at my annual event, “High Tea with a Purpose”. This year we were raising funds for sanitary pads for young girls with disabilities. I’m also hosting a gala dinner on 17 November together with the Cancer Association of South Africa, raising funds towards cancer and reusable and rewashable pads from Dignity Dreams.

I’m a finalist in the Miss Africa pageant – a pageant that is about beauty with a purpose. To be a finalist you must be someone who is making a difference in your community and country and I want to change people’s lives – especially young girls.

In a nutshell, working at SAA has…

Opened doors for me that I could only imagine. It has allowed me to understand the meaning of “the world is your oyster”. I’m not just working, but I’m flying with a purpose…



I love this city and it’s definitely worth the long flight! It’s so lively – everything is open 24/7 – and it has such a diverse range of people. Plus the Chinese are such a welcoming, warm people. It’s quite fashion-forward too so the shopping is great and 90% of the time I’ve been there it’s been summer, which is great… I’m a summer baby!

The many small boutiques dotted around the city – their prices are surprisingly reasonable. My favourite is Maple and there are several around the city ( The markets are also worth a visit. Try the Ladies Market and famous Night Market, both in Kowloon.




I never travel without…

MEDICINE KIT That contains medicines for headaches and stomach upsets, as well as plasters and mosquito repellent.

SKIN PRODUCTS I’m learning to take care of my skin. Like any air-conditioned environment, the aircraft does take its toll on one’s skin. I regularly apply moisturiser and drink lots of water. Never forget your sunscreen either.

PLUG ADAPTOR We all depend so much on our phones. Not being able to charge yours is a small disaster!

WARM JACKET Even if you think it’s going to be hot, you never know.

WARM TRAVELLING CLOTHES Aircraft are cold so dress in warm, comfy clothes. You can always have some slops and shorts in your on-board luggage to change into once you reach your destination.

GYM KITI always take sneakers and some tights in case there’s an opportunity for a quick workout.



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