The Reward: Vinicunca


If you’re after amazing views then Vinicunca in Peru is definitely for you. It won’t be easy to get there … but the journey will be worth it.

Vinicunca, also known as Rainbow Mountain, is located in the Peruvian Andes, 5 200m above sea level.

The remarkable shades of maroon, gold, lavender and even turquoise are the result of mineral deposits exposed to various environmental conditions over time – so as you admire the “rainbow” layers, you’re looking at millions of years of geological history.

The Hard Bit

You’ll need to fly in to Cusco and spend a couple of days adjusting to the altitude. A three-hour bus drive at the crack of dawn will take you to a small village where the trail begins.

And then you’ll trek: 5km each way along a precarious path. The views are astounding – but they might not be what you expect if there’s fog, sleet or snow.

Make sure you find a reputable tour operator in Cusco, check the weather … and cross your fingers! For more information you can check out the Rainbow Mountain Website.

Getting There 

SAA flies daily to São Paolo from Johannesburg. From there, catch a connecting flight to Lima with SAA code-share partner and Star Alliance member Avianca, before connecting to Cusco. Visit

Chamarel's Seven Coloured Earth. Photo: Mauritiustrip
Chamarel’s Seven Coloured Earth. Photo: Mauritiustrip

For The Not So Brave

Looking for something a little easier to get to? Chamarel’s Seven Coloured Earth is one of Mauritius’ most iconic attractions.

This surreal lunar-like spectacle features rainbow-hued sand dunes in seven distinct colours set in the middle of lush green vegetation.

This geological oddity is one of the most photographed and visited sites on the island meaning it’s not nearly as challenging to get to as Vinicunca in Peru.

Getting There 

SAA flies directly to Mauritius seven times a week and you can rest assured that these flights, operated by our A340 and A330 aircrafts, deliver excellent turnaround times and exceptional world-class facilities.

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