Travel Proof Your Skin: Tips For The Frequent Flyer


Regular travel can take its toll on your skin. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure the last thing you want is to show up looking drained before you’ve done anything. Unine Van Rooyen, skin expert from Dermalogica, shares a few tips on how to travel proof your skin.

Hydration Is Key

The best you can do is keep your skin hydrated because travelling leaves your skin tight and irritated which could lead to redness, flakiness, and sometimes even breakouts.

Make sure you have a hydrating spritz with you to continuously hydrate your skin, it’s like drinking water to keep your body hydrated.

Invest in an antioxidant hydramist or multi active toner that you can keep on spritzing on throughout your flight.

Make Time For Pre-Flight Prep

Prepping your skin before you travel is essential. Try and go for a skin treatment a week or 2 before your flight and hydrate the skin again the night before with a masque and at home exfoliation.

A good exfoliation helps remove dry, dulling dead skin cells and also allows for the hydrating ingredients you will use after to penetrate more effectively. Not only does exfoliation leave your skin smooth it also strengthens your barrier function.

A lactic acid peel is a great option as it brightens, smooth and hydrates skin.

Pack The Right Products

Star by buying travel sizes of your cleansers and moisturisers to save some space in your toiletry bag. Invest in a multitasking moisturiser for your trip to help boost hydration, defend against free radicals and pollution and protect you from the sun.

Because travelling can often influence our sleeping habits, which can not only lead to tiredness but tired looking skin a hydrating night-time moisturiser is a must.

If possible try to pack a hydrating masque that you can use a use for a few days after you arrive and then again a few days before you return.

Don’t forget to take some samples of your skin care essentials for the flight because your skin needs extra layers of hydration throughout the flight.




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