From Cape to Cairo: Twenty SA Teens Take to The Skies


Twenty South African teenagers are set to make history as they embark on an excursion from Cape to Cairo in a self-assembled Sling-4 aircraft.

The ambitious aviation outreach project was developed by the U-Dream Global Foundation, a non-profit organisation that seeks to uplift and transform the lives of thousands of youth by encouraging them to dream and achieve the impossible.

The excursion, which is set to start on 15 June 2019, will see different teams of the 20 teen pilots fly the light aircraft from Cape Town to Cairo and back charting a course across Africa to visit towns and cities in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea to Egypt and a return trip that will include Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia.

Inspections and Certifications 

The Sling-4 aircraft, which uses ordinary motor fuel, was built in in only three weeks last year by the inexperienced teenagers in a highly controlled environment under the guidance and supervision of the Airplane Factory, U-Dream mentors and five team leaders from Denel Aviation.

Following final inspections and flight certifications the team of 20 will take to the skies.

Teenagers building an aircraft to fly from Cape to Cairo
Teenagers building an aircraft to fly from Cape to Cairo

Using specially modified, self-made drones, the U-Dream Cape to Cairo Challenge will be documented on video as some of the teenagers fly alongside adult supervisors who will use a second Sling-4 aircraft for support to monitor proceedings.

Six teenage pilots will take turns to fly the self-assembled plane as the Challenge moves from country to country.

Spreading The Word

Commenting on the initiative Megan Werner, teen pilot, author and founder of the U-Dream Global Foundation says the challenge has an enabled them to take a lot of teenagers from different backgrounds to teach and equip them with life skills that they can take with them into the future.

Hard at working building the aircraft that will take them from Cape to Cairo
Hard at working building the aircraft that will take them from Cape to Cairo

“Throughout Africa, we are hoping to do similar impacting thousands of lives of the youth that are the future of the continent,” she adds.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Some voluntary support for logistical aspects of the flight is being provided by CFS, ExecuJet, Worldfuel and Mike Blyth, founder of The Airplane Factory. However the foundation is in need of more support to bring the dream to life.

Some of the teens with their Sling-4 aircraft
Some of the teens with their Sling-4 aircraft

Different partnerships and sponsorship elements are being sort for fuel, accommodation, crew support, commercial flights, branding and documentation.

Interested parties with enquiries and sponsorship interest can contact Simon Manda on +27614075200 or email:



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