The Connected Traveller: Tech For The Frequent Flyer


Tech journalist and frequent traveller Nafisa Akabor gives us the low down on new tech you can use on your travels this month.

If you are heading to warmer climates this July, take a look at DJI’s new Osmo Action camera for your outdoor activities, along with Huawei’s FreeLace wireless earphones. Stay entertained on your flight with Tetris 99 or the Chernobyl miniseries and podcast.

The 4K HDR Osmo Action camera
The 4K HDR Osmo Action camera

DJI Osmo Action

DJI’s answer to a GoPro Hero7 is the 4K HDR Osmo Action camera that is a must for travellers and vloggers.

It shoots at 60 frames per second, has RockSteady stabilisation, 8x slow motion, and is waterproof up to 11 metres. What sets it apart, is the dual-screen set-up when you flip to the front-facing camera.

R6 999 |

Huawei FreeLace earphones
Huawei FreeLace earphones

Huawei FreeLace

As a traveller, quick charging and extended playback hours are essential for a pair of earphones.

Huawei’s new FreeLace earphones offer exactly that, and despite not being “truly wireless”, the cable holding both earpieces together offers an extra layer of security.

A quick five-minute charge into a USB-C port yields four hours of playback.

R2 500 |

Chernobyl + Podcast

If you are looking for off-line content ahead of your next flight, take a look at HBO’s miniseries Chernobyl and its accompanying podcast, but be warned: it is heavy.

The chilling story of the 1986 Ukrainian nuclear disaster provides never-been-shared-before details, packaged brilliantly. It simply cannot be missed.

DStv Now app/Spotify/Apple Podcasts


Tetris 99

If you prefer light-hearted entertainment while in transit, look no further than Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch. Naturally, we assume your Switch travels everywhere with you. The off-line play module is available in the Big Block DLC for $9,99, which includes the classic Marathon mode and a CPU Battle mode.

$9,99 | Nintendo eShop


Travel Insurance

If you are a frequent flier with long-term visas in your passport, you may require travel insurance – not only to protect your gadgets, but for delayed flights and baggage count as well.

A nifty solution is to buy it directly through the Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) website, which offers both standard and comprehensive cover.


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