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How do you reward yourself for battles won as another year draws to a close? No matter how small, you deserve to celebrate, why not spoil yourself with a luxury timepiece writes Debbie Hathway. 

What’s the first thing they tell you when you’re in a yoga class? Or Pilates? Or any form of exercise, really? Don’t forget to breathe.

That’s the most important thing. But it’s also the easiest to forget when you’re under pressure. Learning a new physical activity will do that to you. And so will mental and emotional stress.  

Frederique Constant Yacht Timer
Frederique Constant Yacht Timer

Celebrating 2019 

Breathing correctly – in other words appropriate to the situation – is everything, but this is not the forum where I teach you that. 

This is about the luxury of time, recognising your efforts to survive the challenges of what many will argue has been a tough 2019, and celebrating that journeySo, yes, itabout reward. 

Breathing is a key component of Dutch wellness expert Wim “The Iceman” Hof’s ability to perform extreme feats such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, and running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot.

Look up the Wim Hof Method online to understand how to use breathing to control heart rate, boost immune system, and manage pain, among others. Hof says: “What I am capable of, everybody can learn.” Both benefits and results have been documented by scientists. 

Readers might draw inspiration from a variety of leaders, be they spiritual, political or entrepreneurial. Sportsmen will most likely look to their peers for motivation and guidance, and to the brands who help them stay safe in their endeavours. 

Breath is of key importance in extreme sports such as free-diving, as well as when diving for pure pleasure. Without it, or without controlling your intake of oxygen, it’s not likely you’ll break the water’s surface the way you wish to. 

Rado Captain Cook
Rado Captain Cook

Watches For The Fit Fanatics

Whether you select a timepiece for its aesthetic or practical value, admiring the sheer marvel of design and innovation displayed on your wrist can be enough distraction from the daily drudge to give your brain a moment’s respite.

Just the ritual of fastening and winding a watch will do it. It’s like a meditation, a few seconds dedicated just to yourself. 

And because it’s getting close to the time when you might be considering New Year’s resolutions, let’s stick with sports and sporty watches for that end-of-year reward – with a focus on health and fitness.  

If you’re considering diving into the depths of the deep blue ocean, you might like the new Rado Captain Cook models, water-resistant to 200 metres. Don’t think vintage, think vibrant, they say, with this modern remake of the 1962 version.

Look for the trademark moving anchor symbol on the dial. Alternatively, Omega’s Seamaster Diver 300 m has an eye-catching black-on-black aesthetic, and is extremely light and comfortable to wear because it’s made primarily of titanium.  

If you prefer to be dicing with the elements above water, Frederique Constant’s Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown might be the one to blow your hair back.

As any sailor worth their salt will know, being in the right spot at the start is crucial. The Regatta helps you get there thanks to a built-in timer that counts down the critical 10 minutes before the gun. 


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