Beneath The Surface With Marke Meyer


Calling all art lovers Marke Meyer’s solo exhibition is heading to Art@Africa at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town this December.

Meyer’s exhibition will feature a stunning display of fifty-one dynamic bronze sculptures.

“We hope to draw attention to the way Marke brings together the creative world of literature and art in his work and in doing so we will be displaying one of the biggest bronze exhibitions in South Africa.”

Following a previous exhibition with Marke ‘Poetry in Motion’, ‘Beneath the Surface’ will address the ways in which written and spoken words take place in the creative method of sculpting.

Underlying Themes

The exhibition looks to display how poetry has been used by Marke to voice his internal thoughts and ideas that lie beneath the surface of his sculptures.

Marke’s poetry and artwork is often associated to a series of underlying themes. This includes the idea of balance in life and living in harmony.

There is a peaceful serenity to his sculptures that physically embodies the words from which he has written.

His works are often suspended from the ceiling or appear to be balanced precariously on ledges in an act of confidence, freedom and equilibrium.

A Night To Remember

The evening will be accompanied by live music, an interactive body painting performance and live poetry monologues by Barbie Meyer.

“Art@Africa looks forward to introducing you to Marke Meyer and the bringing together of art and literature through an immersive and interactive evening of artistic celebration.”

The Essentials

Event title: Beneath the Surface

Time: 6:30pm till 10pm

Opening date: 12th December 2019

Location: Art@Africa Gallery, 1st floor, Clocktower Centre- V&A Waterfront (Silo District)



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