Editor-In-Chief: The 2020 Wishlist


I have so many wishes for 2020. I wish I had a wishing tree and Aladdin’s lamp. I wish I could write all my wishes on notes, roll them up and then insert them into baubles and hang them on the wishing tree.

Then I would rub the lamp and wait for the genie to emerge. I’m also wishing it would be Will Smith, making all my wishes come true.  


  1. Food security 
  1. Decent housing for all 
  1. Jobs for all 
  1. Full dams and rivers 
  1. No more deforestation 
  1. No crime and corruption 
  1. No rapes and murders 
  1. Access to Wi-Fi and books for children 
  1. Affordable travel, so more people could travel 
  1. Good health care 
  1. A fridge filled with my favourite bubbly 
  1. Regular beach walks 
  1. A miracle for my husband 
  1. More time with friends and family 
  1. No work stress 
  1. More design thinking 
  1. More collaborations  
  1. Less joint pain 
  1. A trip to New York 
  1. And like a Miss World being on the spot to answer the most important question in the world: World Peace. 

But, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. No wish comes to fruition unless you put in the elbow grease, and I guess there is no genie that will grant me a wish with a grand gesture.

I’m turning 58 i2020, and I’m going to work hard at realising every wish and dream I have to live a graceful life alive with possibilities.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020.   



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