10 Budget-Friendly Holiday Destinations


It may only be the first month of the new year but it’s never too early to start planning your next holiday.

If the state of the Rand is making you doubt the likelihood of an international escape, take a deep breath and relax because financial comparison website, Finder, has just released research on the top 10 budget-friendly holiday destinations for 2020.


As budget-friendly holiday destinations go, it doesn’t get any better than Argentina right now! Whether you are looking for an adventure in nature, a luxury tour or an urban adventure, Argentina has got you covered.

The best part is that according to Finder the Argentinian peso is currently sporting the biggest drop against the rand meaning that for every R1 000, you’ll be getting an extra 1 658 Argentinian pesos compared to last year. Nice!



Want to avoid the hordes of tourists in Argentina and Brazil? Uruguay is the answer. Culturally sophisticated this South American gem offers everything from an eclectic mix of colonial architecture to world-class beaches.

The good news? Uruguay is on our list of budget-friendly holiday destinations for a reason, mainly the fact that the rand is up 17% on the Uruguayan peso compared to last year. For every R1 000, you’ll get an extra 389 Uruguayan pesos.



Turkey is enjoying its moment in the sun as a travel hotspot and with its instagrammable attractions, it’s really not hard to see why.

A variety of ancient monuments and seaside resorts make Turkey a must do destination and with the exchange rate gaining South Africans 15% more lira per rand, how could you resist making the trip?

For every R1 000 exchanged, you’ll get 55 Turkish lira more compared to 2019, yes please, we’re glad Turkey made it onto this list of budget-friendly holiday destinations.



Perhaps one of the most overlooked destinations for a holiday, very little is known about Paraguay in the mainstream tourism media.

But if you’re looking for a truly authentic South American experience without the usual tourist traps then Paraguay is the place to be.

Making it even more appealing is the fact that the Paraguayan guarani has weakened 11% in the last year so you can soak up this relaxing South American experience without breaking the bank.



Visitors to Chile are spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of things to do and see. Get in touch with nature or set out to explore the country’s more pristine areas but wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do you can expect a warm welcome from the locals.

Need a little more convincing? With the exchange rate improving by 9%, there’s no better excuse to pack your bags and visit Chile. R1 000 is now worth an extra 4,294 Chilean pesos in your pocket.


There’s a reason South Africans absolutely love visiting Mauritius. Just a short flight away you can immerse yourself in an ocean paradise with the best climate, views, and beaches that won’t break the bank!

The Mauritian rupee is 8% weaker against the rand, meaning you can enjoy its Indian Ocean beaches, lagoons and reefs for less. Sign us up, please because we are thrilled it made it onto the list of budget-friendly holiday destinations for 2020.



If you’re a lover of all things Europe you’ll be happy to know that there is still a chance to get acquainted with Sweden’s Nordic charm even in this economic climate.

The rand is now 8% stronger against the Swedish krona than the same time last year meaning you can enjoy all of Sweden’s adventures including the multitude of museums, the rolling hills and archipelagos and the rich history and culture among other things.



Another European must-see country is Hungary. With a capital city that offers guests unforgettable experiences in every season, Hungary is fast becoming popular with foodies and health tourists.

It’s a beautiful country and well worth the visit especially when you consider that the Hungarian forint weakened 8% against the rand. You’re looking at an extra 1,516 Hungarian forints when you exchange your money in 2020.

Dominican Republic


This Dominican Republic has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons but with the government implementing new safety measures for tourists there’s no reason to scratch this Caribbean gem off your bucket list just yet.

The rand is 8% stronger against the Dominican peso than it was last year. Start packing those lush landscapes, pristine beaches and colonial architecture are not going to explore themselves!



Last but certainly not least is Romania. Rich in history, arts and scenic beauty a visit to the home of Dracula’s castle will cost you less in 2020 given the rand is now 8% stronger than the leu.

Whether you choose to see brown bears in their natural habitat, explore Romania’s authentic village life or laze around by the Black Sea, every R1 000 is will get you an extra 21 Romanian lei. Yay!

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