Street Food: Jozi’s Best Corner Cafés


Who doesn’t love a little street food in the city? If this is right up your alley, we present a go-to guide of spots for the very best (and most budget-friendly) in Johannesburg street food.

By: Natalie Murfin

Fish Hook 

(Shop 4, Darrenwood Centre, Republic Road) 

The quintessential oldschool fish and chips shop. Located in a tiny, 80’s style strip mall, this unassuming eatery offers no seating other than the plastic chairs you wait on after placing your order at the check-out counter. 

Don’t let the rustic atmosphere and simple menu at Fish Hook fool you, though – the traditionally paper-wrapped fish fillets you’ll smell wafting from your parcel of food are so fresh, you’ll find yourself instinctively ducking to avoid seagulls on the way to your car in suburban Johannesburg.  

I order… The deepfried hake (so golden you’ll feel like a prospector) with a side of surprisingly authentic mushy peas and Yorkshire pudding.  


Kota King 

(Protea Glen shopping centre, Soweto) 

For those unfamiliar with this staple of Johannesburg street food, a kota refers to a portion of an unsliced loaf of bread that has been hollowed out and stuffed with other foods.

Typical kota stuffings include spiced chips, deepfried Russian sausages, cheese, and a spicy, chutney-like condiment known as achar.

Kota King takes this already magnificent dish and upgrades it, cramming just about any flavour combination you can imagine into fluffy white bread.

You can even create your own custom kota combo – just dont forget the achar! (Writer’s note: though kotas may appear to contain the same ingredients as sandwiches, they are vastly superior. Don’t ask me why this is, but its a fact.) 

I order… The King Tasty Bite. Its stuffed with chips, cheese, beef, fried eggs, Russians, lettuce, pickles, and a whole host of Kota King signature sauces. For only R50, this bad boy is the ultimate power lunch.  

Clan’s Meat Market and Steak Aways 

(592 Jules Street, Malvern) 

Anybody who tries to tell you that less is more has never spent R50 on three days’ worth of cheesy, masalaspiced goodness at Clan’s. 

Renowned for their almost unbelievably sized portions and generosity with condiments, this neighbourhood institution is the perfect, hearty solution to a stomach as empty as a month-end wallet. Your budget and palate will thank you for this Johannesburg street food, your heart may not.  

I order… The Triple Cleveland Burger. One also cannot skip a side of thickly cut, vinegarsoaked chips (sold by weight), because it doesn’t count as indulgence if there isn’t a potato involved.  

Words by Natalie Murfin


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