Crew Talk: Joseph Sibanyoni


SAA Crew member Joseph Sibanyoni shares his favourite destination and most memorable events. 

have always had a keen interest in flying, so after completing high school I researched travel careers. The journey wasn’t an easy one, but I pursued my dream and God was with me every step. 

In my line of work, I get to learn more about other people’s traditions and customs. The more I learn, the more I respect and understand our diverse human race. Travelling across the globe affords me an openminded view of the world. 

SAA Crew member Joseph-Sibanyoni

What I Love Most About This 

I love that I get to work with different crew members, creating unforgettable memories and strong bonds. When we fly around the world, we have no direct family with us, and there is little choice but to lean on our colleagues for support.

I also love that I get to meet people from all walks of life and learn their languages. Of course, the flexible working hours are also a bonus. 


Most Memorable On-Board Experience 

It has to be the time I assisted an elderly woman who was scared of flying. Later during the flight she came looking for me at the cabin crew station to tell me how grateful she was for my assistance.

She said I helped to calm her down. The lady was so emotional, and her reaction made me feel as though I had done this really big thing, yet I was just doing my job.

Such experiences show how much our passengers pay attention to everything and everyone on board a flight. I have a soft spot for children and the elderly, so hearing her kind words really made my day.  

When I’m Not Flying, I… 

 spend a lot of my time with my grandmother. I’m not much of a social person as the long travel hours make me tired, so I prefer to stay home on my leave days. I also enjoy having my friends over at my place rather than going out to party. 


Favourite International Destination 

I love Germany. The people are friendly, their food is nothing like I’ve ever tasted, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. 

Travel Tips?

  • Always wear comfortable clothes, pack snacks and a charger, and drink loads of water to keep hydrated. 
  • Walk around – it helps for blood circulation. 




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