The 10 Most Instagrammed National Parks


It seems like travel and social media go hand in hand these days. If you’re one of those people who love posting snaps from your latest adventure to Instagram, we’ve got the low down on some national parks you need to add to your bucket list.

Here are the 10 most Instagrammed national parks from around the world according to research conducted by Faraway Furniture.

1. Yosemite National Park (US)

Located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite scoops the top spot with 4,067,845 hashtags. From awe-inspiring vistas, granite icons, breath-taking waterfalls, and a fascinating history Yosemite is first on the list for many good reasons.

2. Grand Canyon National Park (US)

Set in Arizona Grand Canyon National Park is home to the expansive Grand Canyon’s layered bands of red rock.  Packed with plenty of lookout points and stunning views of the canyon and Colorado river it’s no surprise this park has racked up 3,859,864 hashtags.

3. Lake District National Park (UK)

Not only is Lake District England’s largest national park it is also a world heritage site. Its glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and historic literary associations make it very Instagrammable with 2,662,538 hashtags. There is also no entrance fee which is great!

4. Rocky Mountain National Park (US)

Located in Northern Colorado, Rocky Mountain is home to protected mountains, forests and alpine tundra. With 2,343,245 hashtags this park’s soaring peaks, wild rivers, placid alpine lakes, and an amazing array of flora and fauna all make for awesome Instagram moments.

5. Yellowstone National Park (US)

Coming in a number five is Yellowstone with 2, 109, 660 hashtags. Set on top of a volcanic hotspot Yellowstone is home to dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and gushing geysers.

6. Peak District National Park (UK)

Home to the UK’s highest opera house and several festivals. It’s popular with potholers and features spectacular caverns and caves. Entrance to the park is also free which is why it comes as no surprise that it has 1,342, 240 hashtags.

7. Kruger National Park (SA)

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area the size of Israel and is a haven for wildlife. With 1, 106, 004 hashtags on Instagram it’s clear that the wilderness trails are a popular attraction amongst other things.

8. Galápagos National Park (ECU)

The Galápagos is Ecuador’s first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features a collection of rocky, volcanic lands and is well known for its unique wildlife bringing it in at number eight on our list with 1, 018, 355 hashtags.

9. The Sequoia National Park (US)

Sequoia is home to the General German Tree, the largest tree in the world. From warm foothills to cold alpine peaks, this park’s extraordinarily diverse landscape, animals and plants make it perfectly instagrammable with 979, 681 hashtags.

10. Snowdonia (UK)

Snowdonia is the largest national park in Wales and England. Steeped in culture and history the park is home to over 26,000 people and is a living working area. It’s also home to amazing landscapes and a wealth of outdoor activities so no surprises it enjoys 844, 124 hashtags.

Other national parks that made it on to the list include:

  1. New Forest (UK)
  2. Komodo (INDO)
  3. Serengeti (Tanz)
  4. Kilimanjaro (TANZ)
  5. Guilin and Lijiang River (CHINA)
  6. Uluru (AU)
  7. Victoria Falls (ZA)
  8. Fiordland (NZ)
  9. Swiss (SIU)
  10. Los Glaciares (ARG)

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