Investec Cape Town Art Fair Focuses On Art & Education


The Investec Cape Town Art Fair is set to take place from 14-16 February and this year the focus is on art and education.

Under the theme Art is a Human Investment artist, Greg Pentopoulis, has created an installation for the wall of the Investec lounge, as well as a chandelier and sofa, made entirely out of individual art supplies and stationery.

Studies have shown that art develops critical thinking ability in children—arguably one of the most valuable skills in the modern economy. Despite this, art is often the first subject to be dropped in schools where resources are stretched.

“Art is indeed a human investment. It enriches those who appreciate it, those who are able to invest in it, and those who are given the opportunity to cover their hands in paint and create it. Art has a value and a purpose far beyond wealth.”

The Installation

The three art pieces used 15 224 art materials, took over 250 hours to produce and have an approximate combined weight of 230kgs.

The materials include:

  • 800 pieces of chalk
  • 552 coloured pencils
  • 65 erasers
  • 45 flexi-rulers
  • 44 bottles of glue
  • 500 tubs of paint
  • 160 sheets of paper
  • 9,000 sketching pencils
  • 50 pairs of scissors
  • 160 craft knives
  • 500 sharpeners
  • 648 wax crayons
  • 2,000 paintbrushes
  • 700 felt tip pens

No single item is permanently fixed, and all items have been painstakingly hand-placed into a custom-made matrix, so as to preserve the integrity of the material.

After the art fair, the installations will be disassembled, and every pencil and pot of paint will be delivered into the eager hands of a child at one of the company’s charity partners that appreciate the importance of art in education and child development.

The Essentials

The 2020 Investec Cape Town Art Fair will take place on 14-16 February at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Tickets cost R160 online (early bird tickets are R130) and door tickets cost R190.
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