Tempting Taste-Buds With Bagels & Shakes


DAVINCI Hotel & Suites on Nelson Mandela Square, a favourite for lunch-time meals and meetings,recently launched its contemporary take on classic lunchtime fare, with the introduction of bagels and gourmet milkshakes to its menu.

With fillings that include, Boerewors, caramelised onions and spiced chakalaka, Deep- Fried Calamari with miso shmear and Butter Chicken Curry, onion salsa and plain yoghurt, Executive Chef, Kalpesh Hansjee has elevated the humble bagel and its traditional fillings, to something gastronomically extraordinary.

“We wanted to do something distinctively DAVINCI, while at the same time offering diners something a little different to the burgers and sandwiches they may expect on a menu such as ours,” says Hansjee.

DaVinci Lounge Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, Marshmallow & Milk Tart Milkshakes
DaVinci Lounge Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, Marshmallow & Milk Tart Milkshakes

A New Take On The Milkshake

In addition to the bagel offering, the fillings of which can also be ordered in a jaffle, Chef Hansjee has also revisited the milkshake, offering a new take on the dessert beverage.

“In the era of the global phenomenon of freakshakes, we wanted to offer gourmet milkshakes to our guests, with a choice of both global favourites and local flavours to appeal to all palates.”

“Our milkshake menu options include Crème Brûlée, Cheesecake, Marshmallow and Milk Tart flavours and we hope they introduce an element of fun to our dining experience,” he concludes.

The bagel, jaffle and milkshake offering form part of the DAVINCI Lounge All-Day Dining Menu and are available exclusively at the DAVINCI Hotel & Suites.


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