Travelling Again: Reviving Travel Interest In South Africa


A new travel film series, Travelling Again will take a close up look at South Africa’s tourism attractions and how travel has been reshaped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A production of Glamping Adventures, a tourism company that offers bespoke glamping trips across South Africa, the series is led by Gugu Sithole, a traveller who seeks authentic experiences and an understanding on how travel has evolved due to the impact of Covid-19.

Directed by accomplished documentary film director and traveller Davison Mudzingwa, the series carries his nuanced approach to storytelling.

“We have seen a lot of travel projects about the country but what makes this different is a deliberate celebration of South Africa’s topography and cultural diversity in the now clichéd ‘new normal’ following the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mudzingwa.

An Immersive Experience

Travelling Again is an immersive experience that showcases landscapes, attractions and the diverse cultures of South Africa.

“Being a player in the tourism sector, we decided to be at the forefront of reviving the sector by telling authentic stories of the country,” said Gugu Sithole, who is also a founder of Glamping Adventures and producer of the series.

“People identify with genuine lived experiences and relatable journeying. This is what we are doing, ensuring that anyone can see themselves in the journey and pack their bags too to experience the country.”

A pilot episode was filmed in the Wild Coast and the rest of this 13-part series will be shot in all provinces of the country. In the Wild Coast, the presenter wades through pristine beaches, treads jaw-dropping cliffs and gushing waterfalls.

“The success of this project is pivoted on collective effort. We are keen on working with various partners,” said Sithole.

Showcasing Tourism Gems

Key to this series is showcasing some gems in rural communities. This is anchored on a new tourism paradigm by the government. In a Tourism Sector Recovery Plan draft, South African Tourism emphasizes on the need to promote rural and dorpies tourism.

“The cycle to any successful habit is awareness. We believe our initiative will play a part in raising this awareness. We have, in the Eastern Cape experienced attractions such as Magwa Falls and Mbotyi Cathedral Rock.  We struggled to get to some of these attractions because local people were not even aware of them. We need to gradually change this and it’s through collective effort.”

Travelling Again is an ambitious project that will be made accessible online.

“The biggest market now consumes content online and we will utilize this through our YouTube channel. We will also distribute the content to keen broadcast partners,” said Sithole.

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