4 Reasons to Visit The French Alps For A Winter Holiday


After months spent indoors because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are craving the outdoors and the opportunity to get out into nature.

And while the pandemic doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon, a snow holiday on one of the world’s most glorious mountain ranges makes for an amazing nature experience.

Crystal-clear air, soaring peaks, and pristine powder make the French Alps an ideal setting for any holiday – and there’s plenty to do.

The best time to plan a snow holiday in the French Alps is between December and April.

We chatted to the Club Med team who shared four (of the many) reasons why the French Alps is amazing for an active winter holiday – for couples, families, or individuals:

Step out of your comfort zone

Going on holiday is as much about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, as it is about relaxing and recharging – and a snow vacation is as ‘different’ a break as South Africans can take.

With snow not often sighted in the country – at least, at depths that invite skiing or snowboarding– there’s a sense of romance attached to launching yourself out of your comfort zone and attempting to find your feet on, particularly unfamiliar ground.

For families, the magic that comes with experiencing a real-life snow-filled winter wonderland over the Christmas holidays – with Santa arriving on a sleigh – is a present the entire family will remember!

Enjoy A Foodie Adventure

Part of exploring any new destination is the opportunity to try out foods that you wouldn’t find at home – there’s plenty of adventure to be had in trying to decipher foreign-language menus and different cuisines if you’re not clued-in. You may find some amazing new tastes that you can take home with you when you try food that’s been part of the local culture for centuries.

Think warming Glühwein, cheesy Fondue and raclette, a mesmerising array of flavourful sausages, gloriously decadent Tartiflette (a layered, gratinated combination of potato, cream, white wine, onion, bacon, and cheese) and feather-light French pastries.

A big part of what makes Club Med so amazing is that all meals are included in your package that you pay for upfront, meaning you can try the very best French cuisine in the resort – without having to worry about what it will cost you.

At a time when the Euro is not doing particularly well for South Africans and the market is particularly price-conscious, an all-inclusive option like Club Med where meals and drinks are also covered is a godsend as you can be sure of no unexpected bills at the end of your stay!

Learn to Ski, Snowboard or Snowshoe

There’s a moment – after plenty of toppling over and dusting snow off the seat of your waterproof pants – where gliding across the pristine powder just ‘clicks’.

You’ll need a few things: to leave your dignity in your room, shelve your ego for long enough to listen to your instructor – and fully embrace a sense of adventure.

The French Alps are a great place to learn how to ski or snowboard – or brush up on long-forgotten skills. The instructors all hail from the internationally renowned ski school ESF (Ecole Française de Ski) and wield expertise and a sense of humour in equal measure to cater for all levels of ability. If they can teach a 4-year-old how to ski – and they do, remarkably quickly – they’ll teach you too.

Something for everyone 

For non-skiers, a holiday in the Alps is full of options to enjoy some thrills, relaxation and culture. If you are looking for some adventure, hop on a sleigh or snowmobile and take your turn on the slopes.

Or head out to the local village market to sample some local delicacies that you can bring home for your own pleasure. If you are longing for relaxation, marvel at the beauty of snow-capped mountains as you chill in an outdoor jacuzzi, be pampered with a massage at a world-class spa, or put your feet up and enjoy a good book in front of a roaring fire with a delicious mug of cinnamon chocolate!

If you aren’t certain about where to start in terms of picking the place in the French Alps that’s best for you, Club Med has a really handy ski-comparison tool that you can make use of to help you find the best destination for you.




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