21 Places To Be In 2021


With domestic travel set to be the focus for holidaymakers in 2021, Dream Hotels & Resorts (DHR) is encouraging South Africans to re-discover the country’s finest hidden gems.

“Hyperlocal, closer to home, and flexible travel will be the order of the day as changing lockdown restrictions continue to impact the way in which we travel,” says Sharmila Ragunanan, Marketing Manager, Dream Hotels & Resorts.

“Having recently acquired Zimbali Lodge in KwaZulu Natal, it is fitting that we’ve arrived in 2021 with 21 properties in 21 destinations brimming with experiences that would tempt even the most hardened homebodies to leave the house.”

With bookings declining in the first quarter of 2021 for tourism and hospitality establishments and many of South Africa’s international source markets experiencing COVID-19 re-surges, the importance of stimulating demand within the domestic market and entrenching a culture of local tourism is even more important.

“The introduction of regulations over the festive season mean that some travellers may have cancelled or deferred their plans for travel. With fewer crowds and quieter roads, the period from January to March after the festive season presents a safer and less crowded time to travel,” Ragunanan says.

“Availability is high and, right now, many accommodation establishments are offering discounted citizens’ rates, making it affordable for those on a tight budget.”

As part of their ‘21 places to be in 2021’ campaign Dream Hotels & Resorts will be offering reduced rates at selected resorts within their portfolio, alongside a flexible booking policy.

“Our mission to promote local travel in 2021 is not just about booking a few nights at our 21 properties, but rather experiencing all of the wonders surrounding our resorts,” Ragunanan explains.

“From the rugged beauty of the Elephant Coast, to the wilds of the Pilanesberg region of the North West province, our lodgings are predominantly located in less-explored regions of the country where the pace is less hurried and the focus of the holiday is the pure pleasure of travelling.”

Over the years, DHR has managed to acquire and maintain a thoughtful and diverse collection of family-friendly resorts where authentic experiences are readily available benefitting local communities.

“The industry has fought long and hard together to prove that local travel is not only safe and normal—it’s just as fun and rewarding as jet setting abroad,” Ragunanan explains.

“Not only does travel play a crucial role in our economy, it also promotes national pride, and contributes greatly, in my opinion, to personal well-being. There has never been a better time than now to explore, to discover and re-discover, whether it’s 21 new places across the country or even just one.”  

For more information on DHR’s ‘21 places to be in 2021’ deals, visit: www.dreamresorts.co.za


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