Four Ways To Celebrate Rhino Month


This year, we celebrate 11 years of Rhino Month. September 22 marks World Rhino Day, and there’s no better time to commit to doing our part to help save the rhino from threatened extinction.

With South Africa’s wildlife – and its rhino population in particular – already under extreme pressure thanks to issues including poaching and contraction of their natural habitat, it’s up to every one of us to do whatever we can to ensure these magnificent creatures don’t become something that future generations experience only in books and photographs. Here are four ways in which we can all make a real difference this Rhino Month.

Wear a visible symbol of support 

Buy Relate bracelets for yourself and for all your friends to wear. Inspired by the colours of the rhino and its surrounding natural habitat, proceeds from this bracelet supports the work of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Rhino Project, while also creating earning opportunities for some of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens. Bracelets are on sale for as little as R35 each on the Relate bracelets website

Spend some time with these imposing animals

There is something spectacular about seeing rhinos in their natural habitat. In fact, it’s a great way to get a true appreciation for these endangered animals. Celebrate them this rhino month by booking some time to see some rhinos in the Kruger National Park. If you book a stay at Kruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge, you can schedule a game drive with some of the best rangers in the area. They will be able to tell you more about these creatures when you go rhino spotting in the wild. While you’re out there, be sure to stop in at the Kruger Station precinct to cool off and refresh with delicious drinks and artisan foods. 

A little support goes a long way

You can also make a real difference by joining MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and selecting the MyPlanet Rhino Fund as your cause to support. Every time you use your card when you shop at participating retailers, a donation will be made on your behalf to save the rhino – at no cost to you!

The MyPlanet Rhino Fund was created to boost rhino conservation across South Africa so you can trust that you’re raising funds for worthy and best-practice conservation initiatives. Over 48 000 people are already supporting, so join them now. Not a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporter yet? Sign up for free at or download the App. Partners include Woolworths,, Builders and more.

Educate yourself – and everyone you know

Learn everything there is to know about the rhino. It is imperative that we continue to spread factual information about how poaching is decimating the rhino population, and why conservation efforts are so important.

Only once we have all the facts at our fingertips can we encourage our friends, families and communities to take the problem as seriously as it warrants. That way, we’ll also be up to speed about all the ways in which we can help make a difference. Together we can protect our wildlife


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