After Midnight In Jozi


The witching hour sounds a herald for tea and bedtime amongst all but the strongest of us. For those who feel the call of dawn, here are some suggestions to see you through the night that outright refuses to sleep.

To Drink

Smoking Kills

This little neon-lit, smoke-filled bar in the heart of Johannesburg’s party district will transport you straight to the irreverent and noisy streets of 1990s Berlin. Headed up by internationally acclaimed names in the bar industry, you will be surprised by masterfully crafted cocktails in vintage Coca-Cola bottles, and a small but satisfying burger menu from the team behind the successful Buns Out
in Linden.

The cosy interior lends  itself to meeting new people – all the regulars are the artists, writers and
actors that inhabit Melville. Expect a few shots of local rum foisted upon you, and the table next to you singing along to the classic rock tunes that pour from the speakers as easily as the Bacardi Blanco pours into your glass.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch one of their short-notice shows at their newly built stage area – ranging from local stalwarts of the jazz scene, to rollicking punk bands that will make your teeth shake so hard you can barely eat your (inevitable) hangover cereal.


78a Avenue, 4th Ave, Melville,
Johannesburg, 2092 | Open 17:00 until
02:00, Wednesday to Sunday

To Eat


It’s 02:00 and you’re hungry. You don’t want the mystery meat between two pieces of almost bread or the anatomically dubious orange-coated ‘chicken’ you see advertised on every street pole. Where do you go? The solution here is Andiccio24.

A uniquely South African late-night pizza spot that acts as the meeting point for all the sparkly-eyed party goers who aren’t quite ready for the night to end. You can fill out an order form on which you can add pretty much any of your weird topping cravings (I’m talking 15 types of cheese here) to your crispy, thin-based pizza, and get your greasy nutritional respite in under 20 minutes.

Most of their branches have liquor licences, too, which invites a lovely post-dance wind-down. They have fantastic gluten-free and vegan options, too – so the fussiest companion will leave sated. This is the most satisfying multiple-choice quiz you’ll ever take. (Spoiler: it ends in cheese.)


Franchises located around Johannesburg
( | Open 24 hours

To Dance

Kitchener’s Bar

During the day, a charming heritage carvery and tourist hangout, and by night, the heaving, happy, welcoming hub of Jozi’s upcoming artists. Established in 1906, this corner bar retains its old-world charm in filigree wallpaper, polished wooden bars and wrought-iron balustrades – but its night trade is the place to hear the hum of the city and the sound of an energetic youth.

Boasting an incredibly diverse spectrum of shows, the space transforms from night to night: from a feminist-oriented electro-dance party, to a DIY rock’n’roll show, to an experimental folk-listening experience. Dance your face off with the crowd as it lets loose.


Corner Juta & De Beer Street,
Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001 | Open
10:00 to 04:00, Monday to Sunday

To Stay

Curiocity Backpackers

Your one-stop home base for experiencing the chaotic adventure that is the Johannesburg CBD. With a 24-hour check-in, you have a place to rest your head that will ensure that you wake up right in the midst
of the Mzansi action.

You can choose a multitude of hosting options – the budget-friendly shared dorm room (always call dibs on the top bunk) to the premium suites, which include en suite bathrooms, private chill areas and work spaces.

Wipe the sleep from your eyes in the ‘Hide Out’ bar (which serves early morning coffee and late-night libations) and the fatigue off your body in the hostel jacuzzi. They also offer guided pub crawls, engaging
fitness programmes, historical walking adventures and skateboarding tours.
Honestly, it’s a mystery why all of Jozi doesn’t live there at this point.


302 Fox St, Jeppestown,
Johannesburg, 2094 |
24-hour check-in

Words: Natalie Murfin


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