A Festive Gift Guide For Travellers


The pandemic has changed many things in our lives, including the way we travel. However, there is some hope. As vaccination rates increase globally and countries open up for tourists opportunities for travel are opening up. Here are a few gifts that the traveler in your life will find useful. Whether you are a budget backpacker or a glamorous jet setter, there are things that will make the process of traveling more enjoyable.

Digital Scale

Weight is an important consideration for many airlines. A portable digital scale is a must-have for any serious traveler. Instead of paying for excess luggage, use the money for experiences. The money you would’ve paid for excess luggage can be used to experience fun activities at your destination.

Suitcase Cover

Save money and save the planet. The suitcase cover is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional plastic wrap available at airports. It keeps your luggage protected from enthusiastic baggage handlers while saving you money in the long run.

Travel Iron

You can never be sure that the accommodation at your destination. Keep yourself looking sharp with a portable travel iron. A portable iron is indispensable for the business traveler.

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones help streamline the traveling experience. Whether you like listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or your favourite travel playlists, Bluetooth headphones make the experience more comfortable.

International Adapter

Staying connected is a vital part of travel. As our digital devices become an increasingly integral part of our lives, an international adapter makes it easy to keep your devices charged.

Basic First Aid Kit

Prepare for minor eventualities. Visit your local pharmacy and grab a small travel first aid kit. Ensure to include over-the-counter medication for illnesses like tummy aches, headaches, and diarrhea. The kit should include tweezers, plasters, bandages, and some form of antiseptic.

Words: Zukiswa Zimela


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