Off-Peak Travel Is On Trend


It’s great to jet off with the tribe for that much-needed holiday break and if you are not dealing with the standard school holiday calendar, it makes it even easier to book. Booking your holiday during the “off-peak season” will allow you to holiday during some of the most peaceful and cost-effective periods during the year.

We look at four benefits of off-peak travel.

More competitive holiday rates

We all know that the more demand a product has, the more expensive that product will be. This rule of law also applies to holiday packages and flight prices. If you are looking to travel over Christmas or any other popular holiday, prices are going to be steep as everyone else will be looking to travel over the same period.

Booking your holiday outside of these seasons ultimately means less demand and much lower prices as rentals, resorts and airlines are looking to increase their capacity. You can be sure of making great savings when you book during the shoulder season.

You can chase the sun

Another major benefit for travelling during the shoulder season is it allows you to chase the sun during the South African winter months. We can all feel the chill setting in as the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

However, with our old time favourite destinations like Mauritius, Seychelles, Bali and Thailand now open to travellers, book your holiday over July and September and you can swop the winter chill for some exotic island sun.

The recently launched Club Med Marbella is the perfect destination to enjoy the European summer. Take in the rich cultural and natural heritage of Andalusia and enjoy an all-inclusive Spanish adventure. Visit Grenada to view the iconic Alhambra or walk down charming roads dotted with whitewashed villages – or simply take in the sights of rows and rows of olive trees as far as the eye can see on the way to Seville.

Best snow or ski experience

If you are looking to book your first ever snow or ski holiday or have been dying to hit the recently opened Italian slopes once again, one of the best things you can do is to take advantage of the Spring Ski season which occurs at the end of March and into April.

During this time families are back to school, so the slopes are less full. This makes it ideal for first-time skiers to practice their newfound skill without being overwhelmed by the crowds whizzing past at high speed. The weather is also warmer and the days longer which means you can head out to the slopes in the morning and still have great weather later in the day to enjoy exploring the idyllic villages and markets.

More fulfilling travel experience

When you choose to travel during off-peak seasons when rates and flights are more affordable, you can use the opportunity to stretch your budget and spoil yourself to something extra special. Surprise your loved one and whisk them away to the romantic Exclusive Collection Club Med Seychelles.

Located on the private island of Sainte Anne and set in a preserved national marine park, it is an idyllic archipelago corner perfect for some relaxation and intimate moments of reconnection.

Now more than ever, there is a newfound need to travel. Don’t let the demands on our time or the budget deny you from an amazing holiday. Take advantage of the shoulder season period and not only will you save some money, but you can have an memorable relaxing holiday experience with all the people you love away from the bustling crowds.

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