Top 8 Travel Trends For South Africans For The Festive Season


After over two years of restrictions, the world is ready to travel again! Bring on the festive cheer, because we no longer have to put our dreams and travel plans on hold. December is normally a busy period for travel and annual holidays, which means it’s time to start planning.

A recent survey of travellers from South Africa conducted by Club Med identified some of the key travel trends for an end-of-year getaway. Read on for eight travel trends for this festive season.


For those wanting a complete break, the beach is the place to be. Mauritius has always been a firm favourite with South Africans as a holiday destination. Other favourites include Seychelles, Thailand, and the Maldives.

The research showed that almost 60% of upcoming planned getaways will include beach destinations. Seaside holidays mean relaxed time in the sun, swimming in a warm ocean, and fun land and water activities for all ages.

Overseas Destinations

During the stricter years of the pandemic, holidays were restricted to domestic destinations. With borders open, after 2 years of domestic and regional travel, people are looking to international destinations to seek cultural discoveries. Traveller confidence is growing, and people are keen to head back into the wider world. It is time to return to their bucket lists and missed holiday opportunities.

 All-Inclusive Packages

The majority of people surveyed stated that an all-inclusive holiday was an important feature of their holiday booking. When you are on holiday, it’s good to relax completely, and with an all-inclusive package, you can holiday with peace of mind because most of your needs are taken care of.

You no longer need to worry about budgeting while you are away – you can literally leave your wallet at home! It also means the luxury of not having to cook and clean or worry about additional restaurant bills.

Family Holidays

The Festive Season is an especially important time for multi-generational families and groups of friends to come together. With all the various restrictions imposed on travel in the last few years, many families have been deprived of much-needed time together.

The data showed that over 50% of people plan to take their next holiday with their family. Reunions and family celebrations are overdue, and holidays are a way of bringing everyone together again.

Childcare Facilities

December is the most common time for the working world to take their annual leave. Parents need time to relax and enjoy their holiday as much as their children. Therefore, many people are looking for hotels or resorts that include childcare facilities that are as parent-friendly as they are kid-friendly.

These include options like a kids club and supervised play areas. This allows parents to unwind or enjoy their own activities, knowing that their children are taken care of by trained staff. This ensures fun for the whole family and more opportunities to reconnect again to share memories!

 Travel Insurance

Over the last two years, travel bans, red list inclusions, and border restrictions have meant that plans have had to be abandoned, sometimes at the last minute. Travel insurance is therefore helpful to prevent financial loss due to cancelled bookings.

It has also shown the increased need for possible medical assistance when travelling. The data shows that, even if it isn’t a top priority, travel insurance is an important consideration when planning a holiday. The importance of booking flexibility was also noted in the survey, allowing for last-minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances.


Even though travel has been limited for the last couple of years, it does not mean that people necessarily have extra money to splurge on holidays. Over 50% of the survey participants indicated that an affordable price was significant when booking a holiday.

It’s about finding the best value for money for a much-needed vacation. Thankfully booking early for end-of-year holidays often comes with special early-bird rates and discounts, however you can still get great last-minute deals if you shop around.

 Top Sources of Inspiration

With all the beautiful images shared on social media, it’s not hard to be inspired to pack your bags. To see others enjoying awe-inspiring sunsets, glistening ski slopes, or adrenaline-pumping activities definitely ignites the desire to travel. These days most people are looking online for their travel inspiration, whether from their own social media circles or published blogs and websites. There is so much out there to see and explore.

The time to plan and travel has returned. With the world open to travellers, overseas holidays can resume, and you have the opportunity to indulge your wanderlust. There are so many options out there! Will it be a relaxing beach holiday or a winter wonderland ski adventure? Will your Festive Season be sunny or snowy?

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