The KZN South Coast Is Set For The Greatest Shoal on Earth


The temperatures are dropping and the aloes are in full bloom along the KZN South Coast which means one thing – the annual Sardine Run is on its way! Anglers, seine netters, divers, and spectators are already heading to the Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom in preparation for one of the planet’s biggest biomass migrations and the Greatest Shoal on Earth.

“Not only does the KZN South Coast enjoy some of the country’s best winter weather, we’re also fortunate enough to offer front-row seats to the annual Sardine Run – an incredible spectacle to behold and one of our greatest natural phenomena,” explained Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE).

“The past few years we’ve experienced some of the best Sardine Runs, with a lot of shoal activity close to shore. We’re optimistic that the 2023 Sardine Run will be just as spectacular for all our visitors and anglers.”

The Sardine Run is a calendar highlight for local fishermen who haul in big catches to sell directly to the public, to fisheries, and restaurants. Demetre Stamatis, one local seine netter, said they’d already noted a lot of fish activity up the coast with pilot shoals passing Mazeppa Bay (Eastern Cape) and Hagga Hagga (Wild Coast), and there’s a good chance the shoals will be arriving in the next few weeks.

How to experience the Sardine Run

There are several tourism operators ready to take visitors on a close-up experience of the Sardine Run. Charter boats will head out to the action where visitors can take in the spectacle from the boat, or even enjoy some snorkelling among the sardines, dolphins, and game fish.

The #greatestshoalonearth is also considered a bucket list experience for scuba divers and free divers who can experience the Sardine Run from world-renowned dive sites, Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks – both Marine Protected Areas.

Protea Banks is ideal for shark sightings while Aliwal Shoal is ideal for all levels of diving experience with a series of caves, crevasses, and ridges home to a huge variety of marine life.

These sites also attract international film crews looking to capture this unique ocean experience for a global audience. Currently, Roland Mauz of African Dive Adventures – based at Shelly Beach – said he is working with a film crew from the Discovery Channel that is shooting for its annual Shark Week segment.

Visitors can also enjoy an aerial view of the KZN South Coast with a flip in a microlight, helicopter, or light aircraft. World of Wings in Umkomaas offers microlight flips for views of Aliwal Shoal, Scottburgh and the lower South Coast; while the Margate-based Uvongo Airtrack Aviation offers scenic helicopter and aeroplane flights for a great view of the coastline.

SCTIE has also put together a 3-day Sardine Run Tour Package that includes diving, fishing, surfing, ocean safaris, helicopter or microlight flips, as well as hinterland experiences.

To find out more about this and other KZN South Coast sites and events, visit the website, check out the Events Calendar, the KZN South Coast Meeting Planner Guide and more! And click here to check out previous SCTIE press releases.


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