Best cities for multigenerational getaways


Did you know that more than 50% of all holidaymakers plan to travel with their family in 2023/24? Multigenerational travel is one of the biggest travel trends of the year. Global travel company Trafalgar Travel has compiled a Multigenerational Travel Index uncovering the world’s best destinations for multigenerational travel. Here are the top three cities for a multigenerational getaway.


At the top of the list is Barcelona and it’s easy to see why this Mediterranean city is a favourite for travellers of all ages. With a thirst-quenching 247 wine bars and pubs that’s a staggering 2.44 bars per km² and a soothing 5.72 spas and wellness centres per km², totalling a rejuvenating 579 spas – Barcelona has a lot to offer.

But that’s not all, because it also scores high for green spaces hello, Park Güell with a lush 0.82 parks per km² and the highest proportion of nightclubs too, with a cool 0.58 clubs per km². With so many activities to suit all ages and travel styles, it’s no wonder Barcelona is the number one city for multigenerational travel.


The city of lights, also tops the Trafalgar list as the ultimate multigenerational destination. It’s a city where accessibility meets culture, ensuring an enriching experience for everyone.

Here’s how it charms travellers of all ages: with a gourmet 43.18 accessible restaurants per km², Paris sets a high standard for inclusivity whilst also catering to the demands of fine diners thanks to its 490 Michelin-starred restaurants.

But that’s not all, because with its lush 173 parks that’s 1.64 green spaces per km² and a whopping 3.82 museums per km² whether you’re a foodie, nature lover, or a culturalist, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do in Paris.  


Boasting a staggering 123 million Instagram hashtags and a colossal 56 billion TikTok tags, Istanbul is one of the most popular social media cities on the list.

Visiting the city’s many iconic attractions like the UNESCO-listed Blue Mosque and the Sultanahmet Archeological Park is easy for everyone thanks to the city’s 100% accessible metro stations, so don’t forget to snap and share your picture-perfect posts with an #Istanbul tag to show this stunning city some love.

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