SAA celebrates visa free entry to Ghana for South Africans


South African Airways (SAA) notes with delight that South African and Ghanaian travelers do not need visas when travelling to one another’s countries.

This follows the implementation of a visa waiver agreement between the governments of South Africa and Ghana for ordinary passport holders, commencing on 1 November 2023.

This means travelers may transit through, depart, and stay in the territory of both countries for a cumulative period of up to 90 days without having to apply a visa. If the period of 90 days is exhausted within a 12-month period, passport holders will have to apply for a visa to enter South Africa.

SAA flies between Johannesburg and Accra 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

SAA interim CEO, Professor John Lamola, who is also the recently elected deputy chairperson of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa’s (AASA), says, “The move is good news for the promotion of intra-African connectivity and the development of tourism and trade on the continent. Making possible the ease of travel within Africa is aligned with the call by AASA, amongst other industry bodies.”

With SAA’s direct flights, both South African and Ghanian travelers can look forward to spending time in both countries that boasts rich forestry, beautiful sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, and rich cultural experiences. To book your flights log onto


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