Foodie Experiences in Stellenbosch


Stellenbosch is a little piece of culinary heaven. Every corner of this charming town, and its surrounding vineyards, offer a delightful experience for food and wine lovers.

By: Janine Avery

From French bistro style cafés, to artisan experiences boasting hand-crafted chocolates and bubbles, to relaxed Italian-style pizzerias and family-dining establishments, you’ll find something to tantalise every tastebud.

But my favourite food experiences in Stellenbosch are the ones that are a celebration of local culture and flavour. Going above and beyond the ordinary to harness local ingredients, spices and recipes, these foodie offerings bring to life the smells and tastes that are a hallmark of South African cuisine, often adding their own spin along the way.

Jordan Wine Estate Picnic

If you’re looking for a private and secluded experience, the picnic at Jordan Wine Estate is perfect. You can enjoy a peaceful day with a curated picnic basket amidst the stunning vineyards in your own exclusive picnic-pod.

For those who crave a bit more adventure, there’s the option of a guided vineyard tour in an open safari-style game viewing Land Rover, like a safari but through the vines! It’s a beautiful blend of relaxation and exploration, making it an ideal way to spend a day in Stellenbosch.

Clara’s Barn

Owned by the renowned-chef Bertus Basson and situated at the stunning Vergenoegd Löw, Clara’s Barn is a fine dining gem with a distinct local flair. Set in an old horse barn, the restaurant exudes a rustic yet elegant charm.

The menu here features traditional South African flavours, amplified to new heights. Ingredients like bokkoms, tuna, celeriac, yellowtail, and springbok are complemented by locally sourced honey, Huguenot cheeses, and oat potbrood, to create a symphony of tastes that celebrate the region’s culinary heritage. It’s a dining experience that feels both sophisticated and deeply rooted in local traditions.

Alto Wine, Cheese & Biltong Pairings

For red wine enthusiasts, Alto Wine Estate is a must-visit. Known for their robust red wines, Alto offers a pairing experience that includes locally produced cheese and biltong. The ambiance is relaxed and welcoming, with friendly dogs roaming the farm, adding to the homely feel.

This pairing captures the heart of South African hospitality and the rich, earthy flavours of some the region’s best red wines, compliment by some of our favourite local snacks, all homemade within easy reach of the farm.

Middelvlei Braai Experience

The braai experience at Middelvlei captures the very essence of South African flavours. It’s a family-friendly, non-pretentious setting where you can enjoy a delicious spread of snoek, boerewors, chicken sosaties, and roostekoek.

The homely atmosphere, whether you take your braai picnic inside along the fire, or outside overlooking the cows on the lawn, makes it feel like you’re enjoying a meal at a friend’s house rather than a formal dining establishment. One of the highlights is also the opportunity to bottle and blend your own wine, adding a personal touch to the experience.

De Vrije Burger

Another Basson owned establishment, De Vrije Burger is the epitome of a local hangout spot. It’s the perfect place for grabbing a quick takeaway or settling in for a leisurely meal with friends. The menu here is very simple – burgers and chips, both of which are homemade using the finest local ingredients and utterly delicious. And to top it off, they offer free ice cream! It’s these little touches that make De Vrije Burger a beloved staple in the community. Every visit feels like a casual, yet special, treat.

South African Food and Wine at Le Pommier Wine Estate

Le Pommier offers a delightful South African food and wine pairing that’s both accessible and scenic. Pair bite-sized morsels of bobotie, beef oxtail, chicken pie and pork belly with the estate’s fantasticly affordable wines, while soaking in the great views.

A truly wonderful spot to enjoy the local flavours. The pairing menu is thoughtfully crafted to highlight the best of South African cuisine, making it a memorable experience for both locals and visitors and just the perfect amount of food to make for a tasty but filling afternoon snack on your wine journey.

Flash Food Pairing at Neethlingshof Estate

Neethlingshof’s Flash Food and Slow Wine experience is a unique concept that perfectly marries convenience with sophistication. The idea is to pair fast, yet gourmet food with their slow-crafted wines, creating a balanced and enjoyable meal.

Our tasting consisted of some tasty local favourites such as samosas, beef sliders, chicken kebabs, and even a mini malva pudding. It’s an innovative experience that you can even replicate at home, bringing a piece of Stellenbosch into your everyday life.

Delheim Wine & Fynbos Cupcake Pairing

Nestled away in a secluded, serene part of Stellenbosch, Delheim offers an enchanting wine and cupcake pairing that’s nothing short of magical. The garden-style wine-tasting patio is an eco-friendly oasis where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature and the highlight here is the fynbos-inspired cupcakes, each a small piece of local flora artistry.

Imagine savouring cupcakes infused with fynbos honey, honeybush, buchu, and rooibos, perfectly paired with Delheim’s exquisite wines. It’s an experience that feels both luxurious and grounding, a true reflection of the local landscape.

Stellenbosch is truly a foodie’s paradise, each experience offering a taste of local culture, tradition, and innovation. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these culinary gems provide a delicious and intimate look into what makes this region so special.

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