Women carry their bags just about everywhere they go never giving a second thought to the power it possesses but a unique collaboration between two remarkable organisations is set to change that.

The Jes Foord Foundation has partnered with Uzwelo Bags to create a line of handbags specifically aimed at helping to facilitate rape survivors’ first steps to recovery.

The foundation’s handbag project is one of the biggest ongoing initiatives aimed at giving rape survivors hope.

Jess Foord Handbag Side

Functional and Eco-Friendly 

The initiative, which sees the foundation collecting new and used handbags containing personal care items that can assist a rape victim after the initial reporting process, has inspired a new partnership with Uzwelo Bags.

By partnering with Uzwelo Bags the foundation is now providing functional stylish and affordable bags manufactured from 100% recycled waste fabric.

“Each unique bag is hand made by local heroes who are now earning a living that puts food on the table for their families, funds education and provides dignity and upliftment for their communities long-term,” the foundation explains.

Every Jes Foord-Uzwelo bag purchased and given on your behalf, after the victim’s initial reporting process, contains a selection of toiletries and care items to help start the victim from journey to survivor.

Jess Foord Handbag

Be A Part of The Solution 

Sadly, up to 60% of bags packed are for children under the age of 12. The Jes Foord-Uzwelo bags and contents are carefully selected and designed to be relevant to different ages.

Buying a Jes Foord-Uzwelo bag enables you to be part of the solution – and help to empower a rape survivor.

To sponsor a bag visit the Uzwelo website. For more information on the initiative, you can check out the Jes Foord Foundation website or the campaign website.