If you’re after a desert experience like no other then Wadi Rum in Jordan is definitely for you. It won’t be easy to get there … but the journey will be worth it.

This protected desert wilderness is in southern Jordan, east of Aqaba, with dramatic mountains of sandstone and granite that reach heights of over 1 700 meters. Concealed in the mountain canyons and fissures are ancient rock drawings.

A Tourist Destination 

Wadi Rum lies on an ancient trading route and many Bedouin tribes still live in their goat-hair tents in the area. They are largely responsible for developing Wadi Rum as a tourist destination. 

Stay overnight in one of the camps, some more basic than others, gaze at the spectacularly starry skies, and go on camel, hiking or jeep tours.

The visitor centre is the main gateway to the protected area. It iopposite the beautiful Seven Pillars of Wisdom mountain, referred to as Jabal Al Mazmar by the Bedouin. There you will find information and services you may need, including tours and registering private 4x4s. 

The Hard Bit

Fly to Amman and drive the three to four hours to the protected area. You could also catch a one-hour connecting flight from Amman to Aqaba, and hire a car or arrange a bus tour and drive the one-hour trip to Wadi Rum.  

Getting There

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