“May all your travels be memorable,” says SAA cabin crew member Ismael Abrahams. He shares his experiences as an SAA cabin crew Member.

I Chose This Career, Because…

I love travelling – it gives me opportunities to see the world, meet people and interact with them. And to experience first-hand what goes on around the world and to stay on par globally 

SAA crew member Ismael Abrahams in Senegal, Dakar

What I Love Most About The Job Is… 

What I love most about my job as an SAA cabin crew member is the travelling, the shopping, the experience of going abroad. To meet people from different cultures and different religions. And to be part of a team – we are a wonderful team.

From the minute that you walk into the briefing room until you get back from a flight, and you set foot on South African soil, and you come back after the debriefing, you constantly stay in touch with your colleagues.

I like the togetherness – we stand together in case of an emergency and we are trained, whether it is medical or safety. I love being part of a great and wonderful team –the ubuntu spirit. 

Tell Us About Your Most Memorable Moment On Board

When we touch down and the passengers have to disembark and I see the smiling faces of those passengers and they say, “thank you so much for a wonderful and a beautiful and a memorable flight” – that for me is really the moments I treasure: when my passengers are happy and they say that they’ll fly SAA again. 

Ismael Abrahams on the tarmac

What Do You Love About Travel? 

Going places and meeting people, shopping and eating at different restaurants.

When you get back home from for example New York and you watch a movie and you recognise 5th Avenue and all these places that you always see in movies, and you realise that you have just walked those streets, explored those places!  

What Do You Do When You Are Not Flying?

I am a very busy person – I am an events planner, so I organise functions, from doing the table settings to hiring out catering equipment

And I love the outdoor life. I like to take my car and drive out to places. Sleep is not in my vocabulary!  

What Are Your Top Travel Tips? 

Make sure that you have all your documentation in order. And don’t forget to make copies of your documents. 

I find this quote very useful: Never regret a day in your life. Good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories. May all your travels be memorable. Happy landings.