As a photographer, Hein Van Tonder discovers the magic that India holds  – If you know where to look.

What I love about India is that it forces you to take note and take it all in. It is busy, crowded, noisy, and chaotic, but more so, it is rich, colourful, intoxicating and, oh so delicious.

What I like about the selection of these images is that, within all that beautiful chaos, I am still able to capture a sense of calmness: a labourer napping on bags of chillies, oblivious to the pungent smell coming from the chillies; morning chai tea poured to customers on a winter’s morning in Old Delhi, where there is not a moment of traffic calmness; fishermen almost accidentally posing for the camera while tending their nets in the midday sun.

As a photographer, you are on a magical “set”, already “styled” as you walk around. All you have to do, is keep your eyes peeled on everyday life, presenting itself in a natural explosion of colour and textures. I get to play, and that is any photographer’s dream assignment.