Cabin crew member and Miss United Nations’ first runner-up Precious Molomo is living her best life on board and off. She shares her experiences.

What I Love Most About My Job Is…

There is so much to love about my job eight years later, and I’m still having the best time of my life!

I love the flexible hours that come with it and having the opportunity to interact with passengers from all walks of life. Because of my job, I’m able to relate and connect with people all over the world.

With my lovely colleagues and friends
With my lovely colleagues and friends

My Most Memorable Moment On Board 

In August, on my trip back to South Africa coming from Toronto, Canada, after being crowned Miss United Nations First Princess 2020 [she is also Miss Africa United Nations 2019], the crew on the flight were so pleasant.

I remember the pursers Gabi and Christina made an announcement to congratulate me, and all the passengers were clapping. It was a jolly memorable moment that I’ll cherish for life.

My other memorable moment was when a sweet little girl on a flight made me a beautifully decorated Christmas card. I was in tears!

Precious as the glamorous beauty queen
Precious as the glamorous beauty queen

I Love To Travel Because… 

It opens your heart to appreciate life, it broadens your mind to think big and beyond, and it fills your life with stories to tell.

When I’m Not Flying… 

I enjoy going out and having lunch with my loving family and friends. I’m studying part-time towards my BCom degree, thanks to a bursary provided by SAA.

I do a lot of community work and appearances for my position as Miss Africa United Nations. I am the founder of the URPrecious Foundation. Our mission is to help pupils at schools around Africa, and we do sanitarypad drives for the girls.

My manager, Fortune Tshisikule, has been a blessing and a great support during my journey. She also raises funds and gives back to the community, and I often team up with her during her projects.

I attend the wellness days that SAA runs for its employees. They have partnered with African Bank and Assupol, and through that platform, Fortune, who is also part of the SAA wellness champions, assisted me to get sponsors from the partners.

They assist me with my pad drives by sponsoring the URPrecious Foundation with sanitary towels that will last the girls for the entire school year. That means our girls won’t miss school, which is what I advocate for, because I believe education is important. For more information, email

Brooklyn Bridge in New York is one of my favourite spots
Brooklyn Bridge in New York is one of my favourite spots

My Top Travel Tips

To simplify travelling and to avoid overpacking and losing items, try to carry a backpack.

Inside mine, I normally have a small medicine kit, my travel wallet, a pen, a small cosmetics kit, a plug adaptor, earphones, a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen. And I make sure that my phone is charged.

Aircraft can get really cold. Dress warmly and comfortably, and always carry a jacket with you. Whenever in doubt while travelling, ask for assistance.

Brooklyn Bridge at sunset with Manhattan skyline
Brooklyn Bridge at sunset with Manhattan skyline

Favourite International Destinations 

My top two destinations are the two cities that never sleep, Hong Kong and New York City. They are both worth the long flight because there is so much to do.

Both cities are beautiful and lively, and most places are open 24/7. The locals are so warm and welcoming.

Hong Kong is great for fashion shopping. You can visit small boutiques dotted around the city. The prices are surprisingly reasonable.

The markets are also worth a visit – the Ladies’ Market and Night Market, and for your electronics Sham Shui Po market.

The transport system is such bliss – quick and efficient. My favourite place so far has been the Hong Kong Disneyland resort. It’s a whole day’s adventure that will keep you entertained right through.

It accommodates both adults and children – I just love it! The skyscrapers in New York always fascinate me. Sightseeing is a must-do! One of my favourites is the Brooklyn Bridge.