There are few more personally-enhancing experiences in the world than travel. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking, humbles you by introducing you to new cultures, thrills you with new experiences and relaxes you by offering an escape from the pace of everyday modern life. In recent months, though, the way the world works has changed and travelling (in the physical sense) is not quite possible. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and global border shutdown many households were faced with not only having to cancel their travel plans, but also figuring out a life under lockdown and the daunting task of keeping themselves and their little ones occupied indoors.

Appreciating that they couldn’t entertain their clients at their All-Inclusive resorts around the world, Club Med took the initiative to bring a little bit of the incredible Club Med spirit and fun into the homes of people across the world. It was from this that Club Med At Home was born.

Drawing on the expertise of their international Kids Club’s teams, partners, and not forgetting the parents themselves, Club Med dug deep into their treasure trove and from years of experience in entertaining families, and collected a myriad of fun, informative and engaging activities to be shared with their communities worldwide.

All available through their newsletter and social media platforms, the programme takes the very best of what people expect from the brand and experience in these resorts around the world, and brings it into their homes. Some activities includes: colouring and reading exercises to stimulate young minds; music playlists by Club Med that will get kids, teens and adults alike up on their feet dancing; delicious cocktail and cooking recipes, including tips on how to master the delicious Valmorel brioche with culinary French blogger Anne-Sophie Vidal (if you can’t go to the French Alps, bring the French Alps to you!), plus a whole lot more.

For the health conscious they have easy to follow stretching exercises, workout videos and live yoga sessions courtesy of Heberson Oliveira. An interesting thing to note about these workouts and stretching sessions is that they are set against the backdrop of some of the most breath taking Club Med resorts in the world – from Cefalu in Sicily to Mauritius, Les Arcs Panorama in the French Alps and more. There’s also an opportunity to go for a HIIT session with Kery, GO® fitness in Kani, Maldives, where you can enjoy the view of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean while you work up a sweat at home.

Thanks to its partner Press Reader, Club Med also offers its global clients two months of free access, from home, to the main newspapers and magazines in more than 120 countries; an exceptional offer traditionally reserved for clients staying in the Club Med Exclusive Collection spaces, resorts, Villas and Chalets.

Activities can be found by signing up to their newsletter today or follow Club Med South Africa on Facebook.