Many companies have found decentralising their workforces surprisingly simple under lockdown rules. According to business trends, what started off as an enforced way of working and adapting to new structures of work, management and reporting, has proved popular and looks set to live on beyond the pandemic.

However, remote working from home does not come without its added pressures. For many, a less-than-ideal environment, infrastructure challenges and juggling work with family responsibilities make working from home challenging. Club Med believes this new way of remote working is going to become a fixture. With this in mind, they have introduced the Work Hub concept at their resorts around the world. Not only does the Work Hub by Club Med integrate work and play into the fabric of the overall experience, the offering takes away the pressures of working from home.

“We trust that people, now more than ever, will want to live the present moment fully,” says Club Med Southern Africa Vice President Olivier Hannaert. “We want to offer our guests the opportunity to experience every moment – whether engaging in work or play – with the best infrastructure, surrounded by their loved ones in some of the most beautiful places on earth”.

Club Med Sawubona SAA

Recognising that work and leisure are going to be increasingly intertwined in future, the Work Hub concept gives guests the chance to get away with their families for well-earned post-pandemic relaxation, but still get their work done remotely in well-equipped spaces. And with Club Med’s award-winning kids’ clubs on site, juggling work and family time is made easy as trained staff will entertain the kids while parents get to work.

Club Med has also implemented health and safety measures as several resorts across the world start receiving local guests with adapted catering offerings, changes to sporting activities and a host of measures designed to ensure peace of mind for both guests and staff. The health and safety measures that Club Med had in place have been strengthened via a specific protocol, Safe together. These new measures, approved by a Scientific Committee, are also being certified by Cristal International Standards, a world leader in monitoring health and safety processes.

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