The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life as we know it. It’s re-arranged the way we work, shop, interact, and for many it has impacted their holiday plans.

Many people are still hesitant to venture out to airports and hotels even with policies and procedures in place to keep holiday-makers safe. If this sounds like you, there are other options to help you recharge your batteries.

An outdoor adventure with your family is a great way to get out of the crowded city. Think a camping weekend, a 4×4 adventure, a hiking trip or mountain biking, boating, or sailing but before you head out here are four tips for planning your next outdoor adventure.

Always prepare for the unexpected

When you are planning an adventure experience, make sure that you prepare for the unexpected. Water, fuel, and tools in the event of a breakdown are essential items to make sure that you and your family reach your destination safely.

Fill your long-range water tanks and make sure the Jerry cans are full with extra fuel. For longer trips, it is better to use a long-range fuel tank. Use bakkie boxes to store your tools and camping equipment, and prevent them from getting damaged or thrown overboard when negotiating rough terrain.

Know your terrain

One of the reasons outdoor enthusiasts enjoy driving a 4×4 in the bush or mountains is the thrill of the terrain. But sometimes the territory can be challenging to manoeuvre. Just looking at a map will not help you determine the difficulty of the terrain.

What was an easy trail last week could well become inaccessible following a rainstorm. It is advisable to always get out of the vehicle and study the terrain on foot so that you can plan how to move through the territory.

When using recovery trax you can get some grip, prepare the surface, and level the playing field for optimum 4×4 power.

Stay hydrated

When you are out in the summer sun it is vital to stay hydrated. A 50 or 60-litre cooler box will be sufficient to keep your water cool. Although it may be tempting to fill the cooler box with alcoholic beverages, scientists warn that alcohol acts as a diuretic and can cause dehydration.

The best advice to make sure remain hydrated is to wear lightweight clothing, eat a well-balanced meal before you head out into the bush, avoid coffee, and drink plenty of water. Do not wait until you are thirsty, because by then you are already dehydrated.

Enjoy responsible fun

Most outdoor adventures are a matter of common sense. When navigating remote areas, remember that your vehicle is your lifeline so treat it with respect.

You may think that you are out in nature and that you do not need your seatbelt, but it will prevent you from sliding around over rough terrain or cracking your head against the ceiling. But most importantly, when you are on an outdoor adventure, have fun!