Road trips are a tried and tested way of enjoying an extended holiday. Your parents probably went on one, and your children are very likely to go on one as a rite of passage.  The reason they have lasted this long is because they can be fun!  Not only that, you can customize them to your taste.

Here are a  few things you can do to ensure that you have an amazing road trip.

Generally speaking, going on a road trip means you will be using your car to make the journey. The last thing you want is to have car troubles. The most important thing is to ensure that your car is road worthy. Check your tyre pressure and oil and water levels. It is important to and make sure you have a spare wheel, and a triangle.

In case something goes wrong and you can’t fix it, ensure that your car insurance is paid up and you can call them when you find yourself stuck. If you are traveling across the country and the bank still owns your car, ensure you have a letter of approval to allow you to cross the border. It’s important to let your car insurance provider know that you are traveling outside the country.

Spontaneity is one of the best things about driving through the country with no pressure to get to a particular destination before you start the holiday. However, some planning goes a long way in ensuring that you make the most of your trip.

Find a few cool things to do at each stop. This will give you something to look forward to while you are faced with kilometers of road.

Carry cash. Modern conveniences such as phone tapping or card swiping are amazing for everyday use. However, when traveling, cash is king. This is particularly important if you are taking back routes. Some places do not have card machines and you don’t want to find yourself unable to pay for fuel and snacks because the machine is offline.

Remember to pack a small medical kit. Don’t let things like headaches, heartburn and tummy aches stop the fun. A medical kid doesn’t have to be a mini-hospital. Pick one up from the pharmacy before you head out on the road.

Finally, a good playlist is a must-have. Good music is a quintessential part of every road trip. This will be the soundtrack to all the amazing memories you will be making with you and your travel buddies.