We all love to travel. However, travel means different things to different people. Some of us love a relaxing beach vacation, while others are keen adventurers and love to experience something fast and furious. Art lovers are often at a loss when it comes to picking a suitable holiday to satisfy their creative needs. We’ve got you covered.

South Africa has a rich and diverse arts scene. The country’s multiculturalism lends itself to a smorgasbord of arts and crafts. From galleries to graffiti, South Africa offers something for any art connoisseur.

Nieu Bathesda is a little village town in the Eastern Cape Karoo.  Nestled in the mountains, this little known gem is brimming with art and culture. The town is home to potters, sculptures and artists who have taken residence in this charming dorpie. During your visit, make time to visit The Owl House. A fantastical wonderland filled with sculptures of magical creatures. Created by Helen Martins between 1945 and 1976

“Miss Helen’s imagination transformed humble materials such as cement, glass, mirrors and wire into a secret, magical world that she shared with few, drawing upon Bible stories, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Orient, and everyday objects – all of which blended to create a personal cosmology,” according to the Owl House website.

Ceramics lovers will enjoy visiting the Martin & Charmaine Haines Contemporary Ceramics Gallery and seeing the stunning hand-made art pieces. You can even get yourself a one of-a-kind functional piece to add live and magic to your home.

If you get tired of pursuing the town’s wide offering of arts and crafts, you can also see bushman cave paintings, climb mountains, look at the stars, or take part in the town’s old age practice of stoep sitting.

If you are looking for something less remote, the city of Cape Town is perfect.  The city has a variety of interesting art galleries.

It is also home to the largest contemporary art gallery on the continent. “Located in the V&A Waterfront’s historic Grain Silo, the gallery spans nine floors and includes the German-born businessman Jochen Zeitz’s renowned private collection of African artworks and installations, as well as cutting-edge contemporary art from around the continent”.

The city is home to stunning street art. What was once known as deviant activity done in the shadows is now seen in a more positive light.  Cape Town has a long history of producing interesting street artists. According to Culture Trip,Cape Town street art emerged in the Cape Flats during the 1980s, an expansive area southeast of the city, where people of color were forced to move following the Group Areas Act. At that time, graffiti gave people a platform to express their outrage over the oppressive laws and discrimination against people of color in apartheid South Africa”.

Book yourself a walking tour around the city to view the amazing work. There are many places you can visit outside the city center. Make sure you visit Woodstock, the famous District Six,  and Observatory.