Beautiful Travel with Jared in CPT

If you love Instagram you may have already come across @JaredinCPT. This prolific Instagram influencer calls Cape Town home and we recently met up with him to chat about his beautiful travels… and how he stays beautiful while travelling so often!

Jared Ruttenberg is a frequent traveller, experience junkie and wine aficionado. He says that new experiences and an ever changing horizon keep him alive. Of course waking up in Cape Town – which he and a few million others think is the most exciting city in the world – means there is much to explore.

Jared splits his time between travel writing, running private tours, and working with brands on social media content creation. Read on below to find about more about his travels and toiletries in our Beautiful Travel with Jared in CPT interview!


How frequently do you travel?
Twice a month minimum!


What is your favourite travel destination?
Britannia Bay on the West Coast. It’s quiet, has a wild beauty to it, and once I arrive I don’t need to drive at all.


What is your in-flight beauty routine?
Making sure that I’ve moisturised, to avoid getting dry skin from the aircon, and having some deo handy for when needed.


What are your most essential in-flight beauty products?
That emergency deodorant and moisturizer.

What are your essential grooming products – the first items in your toiletry bag and why you pack them first?

  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
  • Dermalogica Protection 50 sport spf50
  • Cape Kingdom Neautroceuticals Natural Antiseptic Buchu Gel
  • London Grooming CRÈME hair paste



What is your favourite travel fragrance?


What beauty essentials do you pick up in duty free or at your destination?
I try search for something that’s organic, and makes use of the destination specific ingredients.


Where will you be travelling this year?
To several wine regions around Cape Town, KZN, Wild Coast, West Coast then hopefully Madagascar and France.