Beautiful Travel with Kathryn Rossiter

Today’s featured traveller is Kathryn Rossiter, a top South African lifestyle, travel and beauty blogger, who has blogged daily at Becoming you for over 8 years!

Kathryn is a travel enthusiast who enjoys exploring new places, near and far.

Her stand out travel experiences include exploring the Cinque Terre of Italy solo, cruising on a Klotok through the jungle of Borneo, sunset scootering around the island of Kithnos in Greece, meandering through the back streets of Stone Town in Zanzibar, zipping through the most extreme zipline in the world, walking with cheetah in the Karoo and generally living the good life in Cape Town where she loves to indulge in good food and wine every weekend (if time and budget allows!!)

Read on below to find about more about her and her beautiful travels…


Kathryn’s Top Travel Beauty Essentials

How frequently do you travel?

I believe anyone can travel every weekend – all you need to do is head somewhere you’ve never been before – even if it’s just a new neighbourhood in your home town. That being said I do love to explore new countries and it’s my aim to visit at least one new country a year. Over the past few years I’ve been in the midst of raising babies (which has taken quite a lot of time and money!), but these babes are now almost teens so finally I’m able to start enjoying exploring the world more frequently – with them in tow! As a family we love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit some beautiful places in southern Africa. We aim to do two local holidays a year, one camping trip, 3 or 4 long weekends away and then 1 longer international trip if we can fit it into our budget!

What is your favourite travel destination?

Locally I love the bush – I’m a sucker for a safari and my happiest place is on the back of a 4×4 tracking game and stopping for sundowners! I haven’t been for at least 6 months and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. It’s a fantastic reset button for the frenetic pace of life that we all live.

As I’m based in Cape Town I’m also a big fan of a weekend away in the Cape Winelands – Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are particular favourites as both can feel like another world in under an hour from home!

If we’re talking internationally then I’m always up for a destination that offers interesting local culture and delicious food plus beautiful scenery. I’ve loved exploring Indonesia and Italy for exactly these reasons.

What is your in-flight beauty routine?

When flying I try to remain as makeup-free as possible. I prefer to let my skin breathe although I do want to protect it too so I opt to remove all my makeup as soon as I’m on board with a few wipes or a mini bottle of Bioderma’s Micellar Water and a few cotton pads. I then apply a leave-on mask to my face. It’s also essential to stay hydrated so I ask for water with every meal and carry a bottle of my own onboard. I also know sleep is essential (even if not always possible in Economy) so I pack a pair of warm socks, a scarf or pashmina and a travel pillow to help me on my way to dream land (after I’ve watched a movie!)


What are your most essential in-flight beauty products?

  • Hand sanitizer (to keep germs at bay!)
  • Micellar Water (to remove makeup)
  • Face mask (to hydrate skin)
  • Lip balm (to keep chapped lips soothed)
  • Moisturiser (to apply just before landing)
  • Mascara (to apply just before landing)
  • Lipstick in a bright colour (to apply just before landing)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste!

What are your essential beauty products – the first items in your toiletry bag?

I don’t leave home with my toothbrush and toothpaste, a hydrating daily mosituriser, an SPF of 50+, micellar water and cotton pads to remove makeup, a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, Moroccan oil mini for hair, a pair of tweezers, African Extract spot treatment cream, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream – a multi-purpose balm for lips, dry skin patches and cuticles etc and Mascara. I also keep a stash of sample size beauty products in my vanity bag at all times so that I always have access to something to treat myself too – a new body lotion or face mask – when I’m away for a night or two.


What is your favourite travel fragrance?

I’m not set on just one fragrance – what is essential for me is that it is small and compact enough to travel with. Also I love to associate a new place with a new scent so often I’ll save a particular scent for a special holiday and then use it daily while I’m there so that it will remind me of that special time and place in the future! This little holiday routine was inspired by my own honeymoon when I selected Kenzo Flower as a fragrance on my way through Duty Free in Mauritius and now every time I smell it I’m taken back to the island! Bliss.

What beauty essentials do you pick up in duty free or at your destination?

If I’m heading to a large city I’ll certainly seek out a Sephora – it’s a crime this beauty haven hasn’t arrived on SA shores yet!!! I’ll usually do a little bit of research before I leave by reading local and international beauty bloggers to get suggestions of products to look out for while I’m there.


Where will you be travelling this year?

I’ve been fortunate to have already used my passport this year on a cruise to Mozambique with my mom that was full of memorable moments. Next up is another very exciting trip – we’re taking a family holiday to Italy! This will be our kids very first international trip so I’m really excited to share my love of travel with them and show them the world outside of the borders of South Africa.