Best Burgers

Four South African bloggers share the best burgers to be had in their hometown.


Dukes Burgers

Darren Meltz @morethanfoodmag / @dazz1210

Dukes Burgers calls themselves “the unrivalled burger experience”, and for me, that is the absolute truth.

There are those times when all you feel like is a real burger; one that satisfies on all levels, and I can be sure of getting just that at Dukes.

I order…

The New Yorker is my standard order – BBQ basting, melted cheddar and homemade mayo. At Dukes, it is about burgers and nothing else.

A go chu jang chicken burger at Dukes

A go chu jang chicken burger at Dukes


Stella Sports Club

Kerry Sharper @kandidly.kerry

This is a hidden gem, and their burgers are to die for. I love a spot where I am completely comfortable – where I can feel at home while enjoying the experience of being out, and that is what I get there.

There is always a great vibe, and everyone gets on with everyone else.

I order…

The Gourmet English Burger, which has bacon, cheese, egg and all the yumminess.

Jerry's Burgers

Jerry’s Burgers

Cape Town

Jerry’s Burger Bar on Kloof

Lenny Gorgulho @burger_brews

This place has it all: an incredible atmosphere in a great location, slick service from waitrons with loads of personality, a massive variety of burgers, unique flavour combinations and, most importantly, a great tasting patty. All these elements combined make it an experience not to be missed by burger lovers!

I order…

The Sloth Burger, which is a beef patty stuffed with cheddar cheese and jalapeno, and topped with avocado and bacon (try reading that without salivating…)

A Frederick & Sons burger

A Frederick & Sons burger

Port Elizabeth

Frederick & Son

Eleanor Douglas-Mey @justellabella

The food is amazing. They prepare everything fresh and from scratch.

I order…

The Feta is Better, which is their classic burger with a feta sauce, but if I am honest, there are still so many options that I want to try!