Crew Talk: Ravesh Maharaj

With family all across the world, SAA senior purser Ravesh Maharaj was inspired to broaden his horizons. He shares his experiences as an SAA Crew Member.

As a child, being a geography student and having watched various travel shows and read countless magazines about countries abroad, this indeed sparked my desire to travel and explore.

Having worked for Old Mutual for several years, I completed my management diploma and numerous management courses at Wits Business School and in the USA.

I then decided to resign from my position as a regional corporate manager and chose to live my dream and increase my frame of reference.

My choice was partially influenced by my family, who emigrated to Australia. An uncle of mine is a magistrate in Singapore, and another family member is a school principal in Ghana.

I also have cousins in the United Kingdom working in the banking sector. The postcards, letters and souvenirs that I received all contributed to my travel bucket list.

Snow in Washington

Snow in Washington

What I Love Most About The Job 

My current position as a senior purser allows me to interact with different individuals from all walks of life, to meet influential people and experience diverse cultures.

Significant experiences include interacting with state dignitaries, presidents, celebrities, blue-chip executives, as well as the random traveller. Listening to their experiences, stories and exchanging information contributed to special memories.

My job is never monotonous. Crossing multiple time zones in our beautiful, worldly skies at awesome altitudes and various related climates is euphoric.

New Year's day in New York

New Year’s day in New York

Most Memorable Moment on Board? 

There have been a few. A couple once proposed on a New Year’s night, and the crew and I had to prepare for the special occasion.

Memorable moments also include being invited to private suites for music and sporting events, and children creating drawings of their in-flight experiences.

One that is etched in my memory, is His Grace, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, requesting me personally to be onboard a flight to the United States of America. It was a truly spiritual experience.

Travel Tips

With the ever-changing climates and different models of aircraft, my suggestion to travellers with regards to in-flight comfort is to wear a lightweight outfit.

Music or movies on your mobile devices, including power bank, may provide extra comfort and relaxation.

For specific destinations and locations thermal clothing, reversible hooded jackets and comfortable walking shoes are a must.

Your permissible medications including multivitamins are recommended, to keep your energy levels at optimal levels.