Eat Like A Chef

When a chef opens his Cape Town home and table, the only option is to accept the invitation. 

If you have been on the lookout for an inspiring dining experience in Cape Town, you will want to take your seat at chef Santi Louzan’s table at his home in the heart of the Mother City.

After the success of his  on Bree Street in the CBD, Santi decided it was time to bring it home when he and his South African wife, Dominique, opened the doors to their spacious inner-city loft.

You can sit down to sharedtable experience, and mingle with likeminded foodandwine enthusiasts while enjoying a relaxed foodandwine paring.  

Chefs Table Cape Town Prep

The Value of Good ingredients

Santi grew up in Cee, a small fishing and farming village on the shoreline of Galicia in the northwest of Spain. Here he was taught the value of good, fresh ingredients by generations of artisans  fishermen to one side, farmers to the other.

His passion for cooking was ignited at the tables of his mother and grandmother, and before long he made his way into the colourful world of the culinary arts in the UK after moving there with his family as a teen. 

He moved to Cape Town in 2015 after his family came over to the Mother City for a Christmas holiday, and Santi realised that he did nowant to wait for retirement to wind down 

Chefs Table Cape Town Mushroom Veloute

The Chefs Table Cape Town Mushroom Veloute

The Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table setting at his home near the Company Gardens has now become the backdrop to Santi’s dinner-time theatre. 

Here, you can relax and enjoy his beautiful meals, paired with South African wines, and join him as he ambles down memory lane to share his culinary journey, and all sorts of delightful sojourns down the winding path that brought him here.  

“My menu is 100% seasonal,” says Chef Santi. “I am guided by what is available from one week to the next, and work alongside a few trusted producers to source the best ingredients possible. If there is one thing I learned from my mother and grandmother, it is to love my ingredients.

“This means serving beautiful, flavoursome food that has not been overcomplicated or overworked. I take inspiration from my Spanish roots and my time in Michelin kitchens in Europe, and cross-pollinate it with down-home cooking techniques and current trends to create honest, authentic fare that invites conversation.” 

Inside the Chefs Table Cape Town

Inside the Chefs Table Cape Town

The Classic Prawn Cocktail 

Santi’s food tells stories. One of the items that frequently enjoys a spot in the limelight at his table is a nod to the very first dish he was ever allowed to make in a restaurant kitchen when he graduated from dishwasher into the actual kitchen – the classic prawn cocktail.

“I don’t just dish it up like we used to, though,” says Santi.

“I like to play with my food, and explore the gastronomic arts as far as I can. When I serve my version of the prawn cocktail, it will initially look like a lonely tomato sitting on your plate, but just wait until you cut into that sucker…”  

The next time you are in Cape Town, sit back, indulge and enjoy the unfettered ambience of a welcoming home alongside an interesting artisan who has a true and enduring love of entertaining.